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Hercules Limited Edition Pin

That's the design i was asked for a limited edition pin :)
Hope you like it!
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This design is absolutely amazing! Considering the media this is going to be produced, you've managed to make an interesting design, using the space and format available. The color matches very well the original color from the movie and so the style!
I really like how you used the shading to convey volume as well as the texture of the lightning, in a way that the image still looks simple and without any unnecessary detail.
The only problems I see is with his hand behind the face, witch makes it unclear whether you intended it to be his actual arm, or some sort of icon, because the anatomy is a little bit inaccurate.
Overall it is a great pin design!
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Ooh, I want that pin! :)
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This is stunning! I was thinking this design would lend well to a pin or a tattoo. Curious, do you know where somebody could purchase this pin? Thank you. :)
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Ooh wonderful! :clap:
When will it be available for sale?
Everything is great except I agree with Cacah05 critique the hand position is awkward. Also I don't understand where he is holding. What are those blue things and why is one above his head? The pin with just Hercules head and lightning blot would look better and make more sense in my opinion. 
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thats the back of his shield...those are the shield handles
If he is holding a shield should his arm not be showing, perhaps his elbow?
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He's holding a shield and the blue things are straps
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Wow! I love the clean lines. As an icon, this design really has a lot of oomph! 
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I like this very much!!
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Really?  Asked for by whom?  And do they plan on any others in the future? 
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Awesome work, it looks truly great!
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This is awesome! Great work!! 
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The pin is a shield he's holding up.  That means anyone who wears the pin has a tiny Hercules hanging from his shirt.
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you did an anamazing pin *o*
Hercules is one of my favorite movies :D
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