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Ariel-Stay All Day In The Sun

By Nippy13
Refreshed this picture :)

The 'Ariel's Fanarts' month officially begins now :D :D
Thank you very much for joining my last poll and for all your suggestions..i will take under consideration most of them...that's why during this month i'm gonna do lots of 'Mermaid' fanarts but not only Ariel...there will be Eric, Flounder, Ursula and all your favourite characters from this wonderful movie!
I'm gonna keep on uploading my commission works too and there will be a special surprise concerning Pocahontas and John Smith :heart: :heart: will be a really full month :onfire:
I couldn't beging this series without one of my favourite moments of the film... ' Part of your world' is my all time favourite Disney song...this pic you see right here is what i call 'screeshot-like-pic'...soon you're gonna see other styles...i want to experiment a little bit on this crazy month :D :D

Hope you like this one!!
Click 'download' for HQ version:heart:
To see all my 'Little Mermaid' fanarts go here…
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Ariel belongs to Disney!
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I love it, its got all the classic disney elements to it. You did an amazing job with creating the illustion of water, including the bubbles. All the colours blend in with each other and create an amazing atmosphere. Great job and keep up your beautiful work, and always remember great art is created by keeping on practicing.

PS- It would be awesome if you did some artwork including Ariels sisters, her father and her mother Athena. But your great at drawing humans and mermaids. Well as said before keep up the work and as Walt Disney would say keep moving forward.
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I love this picture. It looks like it's straight from the movie.
The colors are the perfect, not too strong, and not too weak.
The detail is top notch. High quality.

What I like most is that, the overall color looks like how it was in the scene from the movie, where it was pale and dark.

I would have liked to have seen some objects in the background, all the treasures that she collected and maybe Flounder would have made the scene feel "full". But it really is a stunning picture and you should be proud of that. Added to my Favorites <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>
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La prospettiva per me è sempre un problema, ma vedo che tu te la cavi egregiamente.
Ariel da l'impressione che stà facendo un giravolta, nuotando verso l'altro, questo indipendentemente dal fatto che io abbia visto il film e sappia cosa fa in quella scena.
In un intervista ai disegnatori, loro ammettevano che la parte più difficile nel'animazione di Ariel, e di tutti i personaggi sott'acqua, era appunto che i loro capelli non stavano mai fermi, in questo caso invece, devono proprio seguire la corrente, raggruppati tutti in un unica grossa scia.
Vogliamo guardare il pelo nell'uovo? farei i capelli di Ariel più rossi e meno rosa, ma forse dipende dal mio monitor, e rimpicciolirei ancora un poco le mani, giusto per fare proprio la pignola.
Complimenti...herm, un tuo film tutto tuo tuo? hai già scritto la trama e studiato i personaggi?
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Yes! Feel the sun on your face!
Ariel: Wanderin' free, wish I could be part of that world.Singing 

Great pic.:D (Big Grin) 
Hello !
I'm a french Youtuber and I'm recording a cover of Ariel. I need a picture for my thymbnail and yours is amazing ! Would you mind if I use it as a thumbnail ? I will notice your name and the link of the art in the video description.
Thank you very much !

PRC - Piano, Reprises et Compositions
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That is so good,great job,well done:hug:
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Not too bad!Nod Heart 
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Woa amazing artwork ! The colors are perfect !
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Very, very awesome artwork job on this picture with its detail, design and effects. Especially Ariel too, of course you always do a great job on Ariel and on any girl.:)
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These colors and shades are muchos attractivos!
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thank you so much!!!
Adamantiel's avatar
You're welcome! And your ID picture is beautiful. Good gif. =)

You're from Italy?

Bravissimo! =P
Nippy13's avatar
yep!From Italy
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Hm, nippy there is it? Nippy here means cold. =P

Is it hot there in Italy? Or um... nippy? I love that word.

And have you ever heard of nibs? They are a form of Twizzlers.

My eyes are sore!

And it loooks like your gif is saying, "Yes, uh huh, I'm Italian!" =)
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Here in Italy it was terribly cold till 3 days summer storms :) I looove them!!
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OMG. She looks tooooootally wonderful <3
Movement is perfectly drawn, joy on her face is so adorable !
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Three words Beut-If-Ful. I guess thats one word, THREE syllables 
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thank you so much!
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That was beautiful, Nippy !!!  
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thank you so much!
Absolutely beautiful! I am a big fan of your work, especially your use of color!:) (Smile) 
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thank you so much!
You're welcome. Your work is amazing!
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