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Midwinter Thoughts
My brother always used to sing about fair maidens finding true love without a doubt. This was when we were still living on Valinor. Now - if he sings - his songs are filled with battle and strife, meeting with new races as Dwarves or the Edain, or successful hunts where one of my brothers would bring home game and other wildlife.
Love. I often wondered why Maglor did not speak of his own love, but always of others, making it the most important tale to him and his crowd, who would be completely engrossed in it after mere seconds.
I remember the young maidens sitting around the many fountains in Tirion, claiming their sadness that a man would not look into her direction, or worse, dissecting flower petals one after another in a staccato rhythm saying: "He loves me, he loves me not. He loves me..."
If life was just that simple, I softly speak to no one beside me. The weather has been harsh this winter: the wind roars around my stronghold and many couples find each other in a passionate em
:iconrhapsodybrd:RhapsodyBrd 2 2
I'll tell them
Can’t find the words to tell your story
As we weren’t all that close
All that I know is that I loved you
And I still do though you’re no more
than just a memory now.
I can only tell these people
What you inspired me to do
There was this fight that you gave up
Because your foes were just much stronger
And resisting wouldn’t do
I won’t leave them to their petty ways
Just quit it like you did
Not because I am much stronger
But they never dig much deeper
Then the surface they so love
We felt the same
Though I found ways to kill my pain
I'll allways be in love with life
Yours kept on driving you insane
I want to tell them of the consequence
Of being who you are
An easy target for their bullets
You took them all without complaint
I want to tell them of your gentle smile
The constant twinkling in your eyes
The dulling of the glowing light
The frostbite on my lips
From kissing you goodbye
Because they did what they still do
This time just not to you
:iconalmeruve:Almeruve 2 7
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Hello everyone.

I have to apologise for my absolute inactivity for the last ten months or so, it was caused by a ban on all things pornographic in our internet connection. My brother's father is worried that he will happen upon something that will ruin his childhood. Seeing as my brother is nearly 7 and extremely clever, I see his worry, but that means that deviantart is banned as well, because it DOES have a huge amount of unabashed pornography and hentai.

Well, other than that, I haven't really been active here much and I don't know if it will pick up again. I have been on tumblr a lot though, so if anyone is there and wishes to keep their track on me, or just to say hi, I am jul-likes-magpies there. Just a fair warning, it contains much less my own art and much more various reblogs of cats, other people's art, and fandom meta.

Have a great day!


Czech Republic
I love to draw. And paint. There is nothing better than getting dirty up to the elbows with paint. Unfortunately, I am insecure enough in my skills to let it stop me from simply going crazy with art. Which a wannabe-artist should.


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Thankies soso much for all the favz! :huggle:
Niphredill Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2013
Yer sooooso welcome! :D :hug:
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Gothicloverules Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Happy birthday to you 
Youre in deviantart
You look like an artist 
And you draw like one too
Niphredill Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013
Wheeeeee, what a lovely poem! Thank you!!  :glomp:
Cherille Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013
Happy Birthdaaayyyy, matey! :cuddle: :heart: :glomp: :cake: :tea:
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Thaaaaankyouuuu! :heart: :love: :glomp:
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Hi! Thank u so much for your endless support and the nice words!
Your comments are so important for me!
Now, about my new comics, what can I say, hopefully u' ll check it when it will come out in english (soon I wish)
Anyway, take care and have a great week!
Niphredill Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013
Hey, you're very welcome! I always enjoy looking at your art, it's very relaxing :)
Do let me know if your comics come out in english, I'd really love to have a look :)
Have a great week too!
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