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My name is Niphion, I'm a freelance digital artist with 10+ years of experience in digital art. I discovered AI in August 2022 and ever since I'm learning to make the most out of it, by including my own skills, like repainting, color correcting, adding and removing details and taking care of the overall aesthetic.

The designs that have received minor edits, will be sold for a cheaper price. Mostly Furry and anthro, since I'm not as skilled with them as I am with humans and clothing.

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✦AI generated and edited✦

✦These designs are created with AI. I repaint 99% of them myself, especially parts like faces, hair, hands and clothing. I do color corrections, upscaling, sharpness and take care of the overall aesthetic. ✦For most Designs I use Midjourney. Find their ToS here: I'm a paying member, including the private mode, which avoids any of the AI creations to appear publically in the Midjourney Gallery. I want to provide safety when you buy an adopt from me. Including my repainting, it makes it a new creation. I added more watermarks, even though I really don't like to plaster the images with them, I want to provide more protection for the people who purchased the designs. Some little kids find it funny to steal and resell the adopts, since it's "AI". Not caring much that I do repaint them and indeed make them something unique. If you like to talk about AI, I'll gladly have a polite and friendly discussion with you.

✦ AI and copyright ✦

(Date: July 21st, 2023)


"According to a March 2023 report in The Register, the USCO said it would consider AI-generated work copyrightable "if a human can prove they put a meaningful amount of creative effort into the final content."

The USCO will consider content created using AI if a human author has crafted something beyond the machine's direct output. A digital artwork that was formed from a prompt, and then edited further using Photoshop, for example, is more likely to be accepted by the office. The initial image created using AI would not be copyrightable, but the final product produced by the artist might be.

Thus it would appear the USCO is simply saying: yes, if you use an AI-powered application to help create something, you have a reasonable chance at applying for copyright, just as if you used non-AI software. If it's purely machine-made from a prompt, you need to put some more human effort into it.


And since I'm from the EU:

"Furthermore, in the case of a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work which is computer-generated, the author shall be taken to be the person by whom the arrangements necessary for the creation of the work are undertaken”. Therefore, in case a work expresses original human creativity, even if it is created with an AI assistance, it will benefit from copyright protection like a work created using any other tool."

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