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so much for cat reflexes

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Blinx equipped the TS-Bitch S this morning.

Pretty much a copy of a Miraculous Ladybug comic by mikavee based on this scene from The Office.

The angles gave me the most trouble, still figuring out how to draw their heads from behind and how to show the details (hence the lack of whiskers because it was better to leave them out than have a mess of lines). Picaro was also more difficult to draw than it should have been but I'll chalk it up to not drawing him in a while.
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I feel like once you start paying attention to it, you'll see that the vast majority of character art online is drawn with the head at a slight angle from the front.  It's like the world's artists have just collectively decided that it's just too hard to draw heads in profile, from the front, or from behind.  I've only done it a handful of times myself, not usually to particularly satisfactory results.

I'd for some reason expect the characters' roles to be reversed in this scenario, though.

I admittedly expected this to go in a different direction when Picaro of all people started talking about "attacks from the rear"