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Welcome to Blinx Corps!

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Started this when I got the urge to draw some Fan Sweepers but that feeling is long gone now after working on this beast. Took under three weeks to complete between being busy with work and building my first custom PC.

First attempt at a decorated interior for a background. I used the room plan trick to get the perspective right which worked out fairly well. Colouring backgrounds are still the bane of my existence though.

If a drawing is physically painful to execute, it probably was decent practice.

Characters (from left to right):
* Twitch (Gamer1858)
* Tundra (Mark-Unread)
* Mint (CyberneticEden)
* Scrag (Lemons)
* Keiko (me)
* Colt (AdamyQK)
* Isaac (DualityDalton)
* Clark (Isnert)
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Always a real adventure making big pieces like this isn't it? Being less interested than you were at the start is always an issue in particular. I think it's good every now and then to push on what you think you're actually capable of to see where you really are in your abilities and learn a few new things in the process. The feeling of having really put a lot of time into something nice is a pleasant one, too. I'm kind of tempted to try something like that again myself.

I do like how this turned out, even realizing that I'm probably missing out on a few details related to the server.

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Hopefully I can make bigger pieces with multiple characters and/or a detailed background a more common occurance. The effort is definitely worth it, so long as I don't get *too* ambitious pushing myself lol.

Ahaha there's not too much in terms of Blinx Corps references. The main ones would be:

- Twitch and Mint having a coffee is a reference to pieces drawn by their owners

- The rec crystal figure refers to one of Adamy's other characters