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No matter how much I struggled, I couldn't free myself from my bonds. The Time Sweepers were smarter than I thought. Much smarter.

The last time I ran into the pesky cats, me and my team were trying to steal a rare time crystal in the Dark Valley World. Unfortunately the Guard Sweepers found us. We battled strong but the numbers seemed to double with every ticking minute. My team gave ourselves up as the Guard Sweepers closed in on us. You could tell it was an easy capture for them with the look on their faces. They bounded my team in rope. Luckily for us we escaped thanks to Cino and the new pocket knives he gave us.

We left the scene while the dumb cats were distracted by a red alert, probably due to another team of tom toms. We ran thinking that our mission wasn't wasted now we can avoid capture. But the Time Sweepers figured out how to counter our weapons.

It was simple. Create stronger rope - with metal! Not only you can't cut it with a regular knife, it scratches your skin until you have red marks all over. Brilliant, ain't it?

Course not.

10 minutes ago, I was sent on a solo mission to steal an artefact that Benito ordered for. It inscribed the history of the Time Sweepers and their existence. It was extremely important that I retrieved it from the Destiny Ruins. I snuck into the grounds of the ancient city and I bumped into the worst feline you could meet!


He smirked as his team of seven pounced on me. I fumbled for my gun but one of the mangy cats snatched it off me. I was left surrounded, defenceless without a weapon or space control.
Blinx laughed with satisfaction. "Never thought I would be seeing you here. Didn't think we would meet again." He frowned with fake disappointment. "You are pretty strong and you put up a great fight, but you also the weakest."
"You must be pretty daft thinking you could steal anything at all. It's 2012 for fuck's sake. For your whole life, you thought that you could defeat us. Such naive thoughts pull you down. Things have changed; mercy is now the last thing we give." Blinx's eyes ran cold. "Blind. Eight years you were blind to the real battle. We became a tight army, tough and fearless. We will stop at nothing until the flow of time is free from pests like you, even if it means we get sent to hell." Blinx knelt down and glared at me cryptically. "So, what are you going to do now?"

10 minutes later, I'm bounded by the painful ropes of steel. I desperately looked for an escape route but there was nowhere to go. Every area was heavily guarded by at least two sweepers. Shit.

I was led to the cell rooms by two Guard Sweepers. A long hallway stretched ahead. I looked around briefly. (Hopefully the cats didn't think I was looking for an air duct, not there were any. I was desperate.) The cells were sealed with metal doors and only a small window with bars to see through. Some of the gang might be here too. A large number of Guard Sweepers patrolled with a bitterness I've never seen before. The bastard was right. The cats have become insane!

The Guard Sweepers stopped at cell number three. They pushed me in roughly. "Heh, not being friendly, are you?" I chuckled. I tried to sound firm but my voice came out feeble.
The Guard Sweepers deviously grinned. "Friendly, what about it?" After they untied the rope, the Guard Sweepers sauntered to the door. "We'll see you tomorrow morning Tom-Tom, don't try escaping now or I'll personally punish you."

The door clicked loudly as they locked it shut.

I buried my face into my hands. For the first time in a long while, I was scared. Scared of what I was really fighting.
A brief story with little detail on my view of a dark 2012 in a Tom Tom's view. Again I say, very brief.

I feel the Tom Tom should have been a bit aggressive being true to the Tom Toms' nature but I went a different way.

EDIT (19/9/2014): Revised, changed the wording a bit.
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themexbrine Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014  Student Traditional Artist

that was deep.
TimeSweepingSpartan Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2013
morisempaisneko Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012
This is wonderful!
I would have to say this fits the Time Space wars I've been writing

But They happened a long time ago
from 1965 to 1992 Between The Ceo and Benito's father Vincent
Is was more or less a race war

I could tell you more about it if your interested
NipChipCookies Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, thank you very much! I though nobody really liked it because of the little comments and favs. :P Makes me happy! :D

Now I'm motivated to do the time sweeper version. XD

Tell me more my dear, about this 'time space war...' B)
morisempaisneko Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012
Well it all started when Faron Gustavo (Benito's grandfather) and Deverick Roux (CEO's Father) made a truce and lasted for over 40 years. The cats and pigs got along and worked together. They discovered the space and time elements and were experimenting on them. At a meeting one day both in old age. Faron Gustavo had deid during the meeting. Due to poison in the food. A Cat servant wanted the peace to end. Vincent got word that his father had died. Taking over the Gang. He held a meeting with Deverick. Accusing him of killing his father. They had gotten into a fight. Deverick with his sharp cat claws. Sliced Vincent's left eye. Making him go blind in that eye. CEO (or as i had given him a name Sebastian) The same age as Vincent. Came in to see what all the fus was about. To only see Vincent Shot his father in the heart.
This started an a slice between the two and a war had started. Vincent vowed to distory all the cats for killing his father for only wanting peace. He had become mad with power. Sadistic and evil. Executed Cats that he had captured and sending CEO. Veideos of it.
Evelyn (Benito's mother) Had given birth to Benito in 1977.
Sebastian was aided by Blackjack Salem (Suki's father) An old friend of CEO and Vincent. They had all grew up together. But in the mits of war that took 27 years. Charlot(suki's mother) had given birth to her in 1987. The year it all ended. Vincent's defenses in the pirate mountains weakened. Blackjack had taken 5 year old Suki to the battle field to witness their win over the pigs and to show her that the cats will always win. Blackjack got into a fight with Vincent. Getting overwhelmed by his anger for Vincent turning his back on them. He Shot him in front of Suki. Scaring her. Making her life a living hell. She can't Face Benito or tell him the fact her not only did her father kill his father but she had witnessed. Thus is way she tries to avoid him. Even though liking him back.
Benito took his right on the Gang when he was 10. Witch is why he is so childish sometimes. He never learned to cope after his fathers death. But really doesn't hold a grudge against the cats for. He knew what his father did and didn't like seeing his own father lose his mind. It affected him to but not in a sadistic way. In a way he blocked everything. Wanting to live him up to the true ideals of the gang. To Collect treasure. He didn't want to kill anyone.
Blackjack had come up missing in action when Suki was 5. Her mother died of depretion of losing her husband soon after. Suki was then raised by the CEO. She bares no ill will towards him. But doesn't respect him either for letting her father do what he did. Even if it was out of his control.

This is pretty much it. With out the story itself.
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