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Inspired by some conversation on what a Blinx anime would look like, I took a stab at a fake screenshot. Wasn't sure what direction to take initially so I kept it pretty simple.

FinalSoraRiku's 'The Time Factory Locker Room' was a helpful background reference.
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But I Watch Anime...

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My own background was based pretty explicitly off of the locker room background and the prize video with Blinx lifting weights, so I don't really see why you'd use mine, but nice to see it was helpful.

(still having Lena on his mind, if that's what this is, does sound like it would be kind of bad for his job, though)
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i'm probably sure BLiNX Would Be swole af

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I was initially gonna draw the big walkway but changed my mind to the locker room. Your piece was the first thing that came to mind haha.

Don't think Blinx would forget about Lena all too quickly and would probably stick his neck out for her again if he could. I imagine in this scene he's expressing the feelings he has for a human princess and the one listening to him is just really confused and worried lol.