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Blinx 3 Fan Design



I figured I'd draw Blinx while writing up my BLiNX 3 document (which I've started but haven't made enough progress to share yet).

It's not perfect, design and drawing wise, but this is what Blinx looks like within my BLiNX 3 ideas at the moment. I'm aiming for a mix between his younger and older self. I threw together features from both designs while keeping in mind he's a little older now (a few years older than BLiNX 2).

His torn jacket in BLiNX 2 has been replaced by a new one of similar design but with two bells attached, based off his concept designs. His scar has faded a little having healed over time.

I added a white armband that team leaders wear (I thought it was a little odd that Furball wore an armband but no else did). I was thinking that Blinx, NecoJi, Picaro, Pelon and Chron should wear the same armband based off the "backup team" idea (Chron joined, can't leave him out). The bands would have a unique team symbol as well, I'm thinking the symbol of the cat medals which would make them "canon". Instead of the whole Time Factory getting involved defeating the antagonist/s, it's just these five. Blinx is teaming up with other sweepers like in BLiNX 2 while still remaining as the main hero.

What happened to the TS-5000X? Since he's the protagonist, he has to start with a weak sweeper. So I made up that he's kept his first sweeper all this time because he's fond of it. Yea. Did I mention I hate the bulkiness of the TS-5000X? And the TS-16000S?
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Eh. The 5000X was okay, I guess. I loved the look of the 5000W, though. It was such a neat and quirky design to a Sweeper, and the fact that you shot twice with one shot was really cool.