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Blinx 3 Concept - Jimmy's Shop

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For me it's hard not to imagine what Blinx 3 could be like had it ever been made. Got motivated to sketch my initial ideas on the Shop (with Jimmy running it).

My main ideas were:
* a much needed Jimmy redesign (one that brings Jimmy closer to TS anatomy and makes him look less weird)
* a mixture of TTS and MOTAS aesthetics, the menu being MOTAS and the shop background being TTS
* sweepers with the TTS 'clock' designs
* speed stats in the Status box which I think would be useful
* HD res

The amount of lineart and doing my best to balance colours was a pain in the ass. I still don't do backgrounds but doing any would hopefully lead to more inclination to draw them more often.
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I hope the people would bring that game back and see what would the world's look like in the third game of Blinx.