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I stayed up late to draw gay furry ship art - and it's some of the best art I've drawn so far this year.

So recently I've been talking about the BlinxPicaro ship on Blinx Corps and I can't stop for whatever reason. It's hard to explain that despite its origin that it feels natural to pair these two together. A combination of my personal interests in fictional gay ships, how I've portrayed Blinx and Picaro within a ever growing Character AU over the years, what character dynamics I like and generally my passion for the BLiNX series.

This is basically the first BlinxPicaro ship piece that doesn't have a joke or my typical humour. Just straight to the point Picaro confessing his feelings.

Oh yeah black and white is cool I guess. Gives it a comic vibe.
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Heh, I have no investment in this idea despite finding the whole "gay Picaro" thing amusing (though you almost make it sound like it has a following), but it'd be interesting to see this become a recurring thing.  I guess I haven't really looked for it before, but I haven't really felt much of a sense of continuity between the different things you've put drawn so far, so some vague sense of continuous development between these two could be interesting.

I still always love the little details you put in, too.  Piercings and Blinx finally getting a bandage on that damned cut.  Interesting that you gave Blinx his old TS-1000 instead of the TS-5000X, though.