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TUTORIAL:: How to improve MMD texture quality
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Published: September 27, 2015
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A short tutorial I wanted to do for a bit now. How to improve the texture quality of MMD models.

Lets say you have a gamerip model like this (Doesn't have to be Pokemon, I just chose this) or just a texture thats dimensions are small
when you add that texture to a model usually it will appear rather pixelated like the before images because the dimensions of the image are small.
The original dimensions for this models textures were 256x256. Now the After images textures are 1024x1024!! Making the models textures sharper and cleaner!

Doing this is VERY easy. All you have to do is go to this site and upload your image.
For the settings choose "Medium" for noise reduction and for up scaling choose "2x"

I suggest you run it through twice for a better quality image if your original picture was small but do not do it more then that because the image will start to get a little muddy/blurry, you don't want that.

The site basically upscales your image, cleans up any pixealted parts and smooths it out.

AND THAT'S IT! Enjoy your higher quality models, this can work with literally any model and you don't need to adjust the UV once you're done.

Serena model: BryanRush (animefancy-mmd)
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1480x3163px 1.84 MB
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Comments (48)
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virsuz|Professional Digital Artist
Thanks !!
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Means the website is down a lot I recommend this:
It's not the original but its better than nothing! <3 This is a good tutorial btw! Thank you! <3
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Aaregon's avatar
really nice trick. sadly it doesnt work on .tga files
will help me on normal textures doe O3O
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dibandgazbrothersis's avatar
dibandgazbrothersis|Hobbyist Digital Artist is able to open up .tga files and edit and save the as tga files again! <3 It's a free art program you can download to your computer 
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Basepop's avatar
You can convert it to a png file and then do it.
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Darknessmagician|Student Digital Artist
This is great!!!
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MMDAsk1pDragonRussia's avatar
MMDAsk1pDragonRussia|Hobbyist General Artist
this thing is not working for me it gives me a transparent thing with lines but i guess i could re-try.
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strdustlunanixhydra's avatar
strdustlunanixhydra|Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are one of the originals,
resolution is beautiful thanks so much!!!!
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Squibyplaya|Hobbyist Digital Artist
dude this is just awesome to find and the highest setting  is hnngh amaze
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moikoishoi|Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank youuu
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MichaelOKeefe1991|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just in case the site goes offline, is there a way to do the same exact thing on GIMP or Photoshop?
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EilaKasai|Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so very much for finding this, it's so darn easy and really improves the textures :3
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Obediently-Otsoko's avatar
Alternatively, you could just get the UVMapping plugin for PMX/PMD Editor(s) and scale up the mapping.
That would scale down the textures on the model, but it requires accuracy.
...and lots, lots of updates... xD
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NipahMMD's avatar
This method is much faster and much easier.
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Obediently-Otsoko's avatar
Though it didn't work for me.
Closest alternative to this would be to just scale up the textures a bunch.
Since this doesn't work. (For me, at least.)
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NipahMMD's avatar
Not sure why it didn't work for you? What format did you try to enlarge?
Upscaling an image regularly doesn't do much because and detailed textures will be rather blurry. 
Doing this it upscales it, sharpens and smooths out the image making the details of the smaller image stay intact.
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any chance you could tell me how to change the eye color on textures like this?
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luxidoptera's avatar
Hue filter.
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DGCain's avatar
Thank you ^_^
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AtsusaKaneytza|Professional Digital Artist
OMG I just tried this and it really works! Thanks for sharing!
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MRAngelZ|Hobbyist Artist

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crueldude100|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks dude this really helped :D
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Odnamra22|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
dont work xc
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