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Male Cruella De Vil

By NipahCos
Cruella is finished, now with furcoat!

Based on sakimichan design:…
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"Devilin Cruel"
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I know this is old but you’ve gotta try tik tok as male cruella while you still can
cool ;3 if she had a twin brother, this would be it ^^
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Dude, you look really amazing.
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I love it! You look great!
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you look so handsome!!!!
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genious cosplat of saki's design xD
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Charming, but still with that familiar vein of snide arrogance and malcontentment. The appearance has changed, but the character is still there. That's what's really important in cosplay. I think so anyway.
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Just, fantastic! 
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That is amazing!!! Love it!
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So fine I'd tap that
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Absolutely amazing. You really captured the spirit of Cruella and you're spot on from the fan art. Love it!
Oh wow. I must say, I really do love this one! It's so perfectly executed! I love how you got that Cruella De vil feel to it... It's not only just about the costume itself, but also the way you choose to appear in face and hair. 

Though, I must say. I'd love to see you do Maleficent like this as well! 
I did a test one a while ago, but it didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped, so I never actually finnished it ._. 

I am making a new one now, one of her other costumes. 

But enough about that. It would be truly wonderful to see you recreate Maleficent. 
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Did you buy the wig like that or style it yourself?
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>sub>I made the wig</sub>
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Well that makes things slightly more complicated lol.
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has anyone ever told you you're kind of perfect? And your cosplay game is hella fierce 
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Seriously, you look amazing! The costume and wig are amazing it's so awesome 
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