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Gift: Tom Hiddleston

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EDIT 24/10/12 Tom has seen this - I sent it to him via Luke, and both were so kind as to send me an email telling me what they thought about it (I feel it would violate the value of the private exchange and his and Luke's trust to say what exactly) and encouraged me to keep drawing.


EDIT 24/08/12: Thank you so much for all the lovely feedback, I didn't expect it at all! So I'd like to say I appreciate every comment, favourite and watch I got as a result of this. <3


Final part of the three-part gift to my friend Vikki for her 17th birthday.

Tom Hiddleston. A3, mars lumograph pencils.

I enjoyed doing this very much, and I really feel like I've surpassed everything I've done prior to it. There's a lot of firsts in this: First time drawing a detailed picture of a man, first time drawing a beard (boy that was stressful)

I also tried the scratching technique I've seen referenced in numerous places, used for eyebrows, fine hairs and beards.
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Aug 22, 2012, 5:42:20 PM
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Such beauty~~ This is one of the best pictures of him I've ever seen <3
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Intensity captured!!! Stunning!
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This one is really remarkable -- I love the textures. Fantastic!! 
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Wait - Tom has seen this? Like . . . THIS Tom, or a totally unrelated Tom who's probably tired of having to correct people by saying he's a totally different Tom?
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It's entirely possible that lots of Toms have seen this, so you're not wrong. Joking aside though, Tom of the Hiddleston persuasion has indeed seen it (as well as one of my digital paintings) and he was very 'impressed and inspired', and a bunch of other stuff I'm -sinister voice- not at liberty to say. I doubt I'll ever forget it.
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Cool! Congratulations!
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If I only had even HALF your talent?! This is...I'm just...SPEECHLESS! SOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!
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kdhfjsdlasdhf thank you
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Oh my, I'm humbled by your skills... You're nothing short of a master. Really FANTASTIC work, and its wonderful you were able to share this with Tom I can imagine he was impressed, because frankly this is jaw dropping (don't even have to be a Hiddlestoner to appreciate it).  
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Oh gosh! Thank you so much! <3
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Gorgeous. Really nice job. How do you get your darks so dark?
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Thank you, dear!

I have a number of techniques that yield the same results, more or less. Which one I use heavily depends on how arsed I can be.

One is that I'll draw over an area with graphite then blend over it repeatedly so that it builds up the darkness. I believe this one is very common practice among artists and annoys me because it's SO slow. So I tend not to use this technique exclusively.

The next is, I'll build a few layers of graphite and then paint water with a bit of black paint mixed in over it, which  both darkens it and allows me to get a really even coverage, as it blends the pencil layer for me. Yay, I don't have to use a tortillon! It's a fairly recent discovery, too, so you won't see any evidence of that technique in this drawing. I haven't figured out where I can do it safely yet, so I usually only use it on hair. latex, or eyes.

Sometimes I use a black polychromos pencil, which requires less time and makes things lovely and evenly dark, so I use those most often.

If I am feeling monumentally lazy and don't want to touch a pencil (or on an A3/A2 sized drawing that has large dark areas that would use a whole pencil) I'll use black paint: sometimes watercolour, sometimes acrylic with a fluid retardant and thinner added. Before I was smart enough to figure out that paint worked just as well, I used permanent marker, which was good but was awfully wasteful. 
Nowadays, if it's something with a vast majority of black on it, I will likely use white/light coloured pencils and ink on black paper. That is a fairly recent discovery: 'Mischief', 'Gravitas', and the one of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss are done that way, but some of my earliest ones of a similar visual aesthetic are on white paper with mostly permanent marker. Maybe that's why I was so weird back then, I was always breathing marker fumes!

In the case of this drawing, I used a mix of the first and third techniques with a LOT of blending, and a teensy bit of level adjustment and use of the burn tool in photoshop to counteract the shiny way the camera makes it go on the darkest parts (this happens because there ends up being so much of it that it creates a reflective surface, it's quite irritating). I only ever adjust things to make them look as they do to my eye, or to remove specks that were on the glass of the scanner/unsightly creases or smudges, so don't worry - it does look like this in real life. I'd argue better actually, the camera never did do it justice.

Oh gods, I'm sorry for going on at you like that - I hope that I was helpful. 
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I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. Now I have several options to combat one of my problem areas. Thank you so much for your advice.
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Oh it's no problem, darling. I'm always happy to help people out. I'll be adding you to my watchlist, too! :)
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That's amazing!!! you are so talented =O
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How long did it take them to answer your mail? And where did you get the address?

Awesome drawing, btw :love: :D !!!

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It took about.... 3, maybe 4 hours for Luke to get back to me? Saying that he'd passed it on, that is. Tom then answered me personally the next day even though I hadn't even asked for a reply, which was lovely. 

I was just resourceful with my contact skills! The physical fanmail address can be found quite easily, it's through Hamilton-Hodell. But that's not what I sent it to, and I'd rather not say exactly where I sent it. Just dig around a bit and you'll find it, like I did! (I don't have Tom or Luke's personal email addresses though! That would be a bit odd, to say the least.)

Thank you!
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