It's Metroid's 25th Anniversary? Why do YOU like the Metroid series? (best comments will be featured on 8-BIT Girl!)
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By NintyFans
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boneax00Student Traditional Artist
because it´s an epic space-opera¡¡¡
and the planets are huge and beautiful :love:
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Everything about the series is perfect! First of all, I love that it's a first-person perspective game, because it really pulls you in, whenever I play, I feel like I'm really there! And I'm a sucker for sci-fi games ;D I also love that it's a shooter/adventure, because while I do love all shooters, it's better than the rest, because you actually have to do some thinking, figure stuff out, and do things other than just shoot everything you see, like in most other shooters. The music is EPIC too, as it always is in any Nintendo game. I also like that the main character is a woman, a cool, tough chick who does everything on her own, usually only having the occasional person (or computer) giving her mission updates. Samus is just plain awesome. The enemies are awesome too, and it always has great bosses, even in the older games. I also love how they have it follow traditions set by the older games, while still making each one really different and unique. The entire atmosphere of the game is amazing too. These strange, but almost beautiful alien worlds are absolutley breathtaking, and the enemies always match up to their environment. You can tell the creators put a lot of care into the design. And on top of all this.... IT'S JUST FREAKIN' FUN TO PLAY!!! XD
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The reason I like metroid so much is its non-linear style of gameplay. in most of the games you have a giant world to explore that has lots of secrets and in the prime games look just plain amazing. The gameplay is great and challenging and it's just an overall great game series.
My favourite game of the series: metroid prime 2: echoes.
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Ex-KaliburStudent Digital Artist
Is there anything better than a female bounty hunter kicking space pirate ass?

In all seriousness, the exploration and the AMAZING worlds (especially in Prime), the characters, story, graphics and music (specifically in Prime 3), and pure "kick ass-ness" (a la Other M), make this one of the best series in gaming history. I mean, what doesn't this series have? Crazy floating aliens that latch onto you, sucking you dry. Oh wait...

Also, the series leaves you with memories. When I was first attacked by Metroids the place where you get the Thermal Visor (in Prime), I literally shat my pants. And I remember it to this day.
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teliiiiHobbyist Traditional Artist
Well it's pretty original compared to other games :)
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SleightTrain04Hobbyist Artist
I've play a lot of the games. From the originals from the Metroid Primes. I love the gameplay, the plots, especially the music. Everything about Metroid never fails to amuse me.
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DoctorEvil06Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I became a fan a little more than a year ago, and Super Metroid was the one that made me a fan. I loved the details of the sprites and the soundtrack was top notch.

The sense of exploring an alien world collecting stuff to become more powerful never felt more satisfying. The story helped as well, especially the finale.

The Prime series were better than I expected. I really felt like I was in Samus' suit blasting everything in my way. I look forward to the next Metroid game.
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Mister-SaturnHobbyist General Artist
I love the original series particularly (though I do like Prime and Other M) mostly for the exploration and the satisfaction that comes from finding secrets and power ups. Other M and Prime were great but for some reason doing it in old side scroller fashion was way more fun...
I miss old Metroid ;_;
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DrChrismanHobbyist Traditional Artist
I like the monsters and the fact the the hero a women, plus Samus made cameo in the Kirby series
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CleopatraDiNekomataProfessional Traditional Artist
I love Metroid since I was a little girl of 3 years old, I don't known why but when I saw my big brother playing with Super Metroid, I sat down near him and look Samus in the screen. Sometimes I praied my bro that don't hurt her... I was sure thet Samus was a real girl beyond the screen!!! How lovely I was! X3
And I love her courage the most, I figured to be a courage woman like her in the future...
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SuperSparkplugProfessional Digital Artist
Freaking Loved Metroid Prime 3. Amazing Game!
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MajorasMasksProfessional Artisan Crafter
"Silent steps in the dark, narrow passage in the alien base. Samus could barely hear them, and she knew they weren't hers...

The hunter turned around swiftly, blasting Metroids which were still floating around. And then she realized it: Ridley, her worst enemy, had followed her even there... but she was ready for the battle. As always."

A super-short ficlet-like comment to describe some of the reasons I love the Motroid series:
- the lonely atmosphere (despite the often great music);
- Samus's coolness;
- Ridley, one of the most awesome bosses ever. :D
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MajorasMasksProfessional Artisan Crafter
I just noticed that I wrote "in the alien base" instead of "of the alien base"... sorry for the typo! ^^'
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R-LegendHobbyist Photographer
A girl, with an arsenal, blasting the crap out of ugly space aliens. What's not to like?
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The Metroid series is one that is quite happy to defy one of the oldest traditions in gaming-a strong protagonist that is *gasp* female! The worlds that you visit are always detailed and vibrant, and I just love it when you can really find out the nitty-gritty details about where you are, like in the Prime series. The boss battles are always exhilirating, and you really feel like you have saved the galaxy when you finish the games! Also, the huge amount of ways to attack mean that taking down an enemy is never a chore-its something to look forward too!
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ThunderMagiHobbyist Digital Artist
What makes Metroid so great, in my opinion, is that it seems so familiar as a platformer, yet so distinct. It also add many things that are a staple in video games, like items/upgrades, and backtracking.
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SnGhostHobbyist Digital Artist
I was stunned when I found out Samus was a girl when I first played it at the age of 7, and I loved it! Just the fact that it was the first game I had ever played as a girl, (other than Barbie games for the N64 lol) made me fall in love with the series!
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I have never honestly played it... but I've watched LPs of it. It has some of the nicest games ever crafted, the graphics were pretty good for all the games during their times, and I liked The Samus concepts like the rolling sphere form.
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Darkrai156Hobbyist General Artist
I haven't play Metroid very much, but what I've seen is a kick-ass platformer with just the smallest hint of mystery. :D
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SheikfreakIvanHobbyist Digital Artist
I had just started playing Metroid about a little more than a year ago. My little brother who was 6 at the time introduced me to Metroid Prime, i completely fell in love with the game and the character (not romantically). Samus is a strong independent woman who can overcome anything despite the consequences. I fell sadness for her as well, what with her parents being killed on k-2L i cant help but fell sad inside. The Metroid franchise is great, after only a few hours of playing Metroid Prime, i became hooked and a few days later a Metroid fan. Ive been spreading my love of the franchise like a virus, getting anyone i know hooked on it as well.
The storylines are great and very interesting. The environments are astounding, some places are filled with immense beauty and calmness while others are filled with the images of decaying creatures. The great diversity of locations within the games is another element that makes the Metroid series so great. The music also matches environments as well. I always seem to get an adrenaline rush everytime im fighting Ridley or escaping before the self destruct, the music fits so well.
Ive played all of the games and i love them to death, whenever people complain about a game, for example when people say Other M is sexist, i just feel like giving them a smack in the face because they deserve it. If you really love something you will stand up for it.
I guess you can say Samus is kind of a role model for me, she always seems to have a sense of perseverance, she never gives up. She has a strong will. Thanks to her i have applied that to myself, she's helped me become a stronger person mentally.
Metroid was truly an evoloution for female video game characters, showing that they dont always have to be the damsel in distress type.
Enough said, Metroid is a great franchise. I reccomend that you give it a try and you'll see how great it is. I became a fan afetr a short while, you may too.
Happy 25th anniversary Metroid!!!
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Ayoka-CharmineHobbyist General Artist
1.) Kick-ass FEMALE protagonist.
2.) Unique ideas in every part of the series.
3.) Play the game over and over, but it never gets old.
4.) Just hard enough to keep you entertained.
5.) Easy enough to keep your head from exploding.
6.) Graphics are simply amazing.
7.) Futuristic monsters are probably the most fun things to kill.
8.) Able to keep me entertained for hours on end.
9.) The games music is perfect.
10.) Every aspect of the game fits with every other one.
11.) The game makes you think.
12.) Environments are beautiful and unique.
13.) Saving the universe (even if it's only in a video game) is just plain awesome.
14.) A female saving the universe is even more awesome considering it's usually men that do things like that.
15.) All of the above!
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Metroid was a huge part of my childhood, and the games have been excellent fun, even now that I'm older. Samus is really badass, and I'm so glad that an awesome female is the main character for such an incredible series. The music is wonderful and memorable, and the battles and enemies are really cool. What is there to not like about a badass bounty hunter in space?
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ParadoxigentStudent General Artist
You have been playing for hours and hours, and you didn't even know your powerful tank of a character, was a chick.
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Dee-ArtistHobbyist General Artist
Metroid Fusion is the only Metroid game I played and it wasn't so bad.
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