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...First group journal entry since Eclipse. I apologize to anyone that's watching me as apparently these get stuffed in your feed too. I wish I had a better opinion on the new site layout but hey, this isn't the place to talk about it. Just wanted to give all of you a few quick updates regarding the group, so please bear with me and give this a read through.
Eclipse has unfortunately made moderating groups a lot more difficult. There are several issues that I will list below here and discuss in brief. It's become a hassle and I cannot promise the same efficiency we used to have in accepting or declining works until the system is fixed (if ever).
  • No pings to tell us when a submission is there.
  • Hidden group message center
  • Inability to view submission processes (easily) to comment and reply to members
  • There are only three of us active right now (that I've seen)
Pings and Message Center:
The old dA site let you know when there was a ping, regardless of the message type. Now, with Eclipse, you only get notified for faves, comments and tags. The deviations are completely separate so I'm only speaking on your notifications. To see if a group has messages we have to click the bell, go to our notifications page, click the drop down (which is our username/avatar) and then click the group from the drop down. We get no visual alert that anything is in there, therefore it's easy to forget about. It's unfortunate and until they focus on groups, this is delaying us considerably from even seeing your submissions in a timely manner. Submission Commenting:
As stated above it's a lot of work to even get to the messages. What's worse is that we can't easily get to the submission process anymore. I've had to go to the group page and navigate from the old site's system and set up. That means visiting the group page directly (which is a process since I can't just click it from my notifications anymore). From there I have to access the admin area, the message log and then scroll for the right picture. And this is hard when we forget what image it was or need to communicate with each other to decide on how to approach it.
For the foreseeable future we will not be giving explanations on what happened with your declined images as often. We'll continue to try our best to address it, but if you get declined, it could be from any number of reasons.
Things we commonly decline:
  1. Incorrect Categorizations: Putting the image in the wrong folder.
  2. NSFW: Too revealing, sexualized, implied sexual activity, inappropriate anatomical detailing, etc. This also applies to SFW images that link to an NSFW version.
  3. Too Many Submissions: We only accept one image per user, per day. Please submit 24hours apart.
  4. Pictures of Merchandise: We don't take images of official merchandise collections.
  5. Fetish Art: This gets tricky given the broad range of it but generally we keep out fetish work. (IE: Bondage, inflation/stuffing, foot fetish, forced anything, etc).
Active Mods:
Aside from me I have only seen two others mods working to get through messages. We all suffer from the same issues brought on by Eclipse so it's hard to coordinate right now more than ever before. I want to shout out to say that our mods who are active are appreciated beyond compare and I am very thankful for their assistance in this matter. You guys rock and I appreciate you.
We may bring in other mods in the future to help admin the group. Right now as we struggle with Eclipse I will not be looking for more people. If and when they update the group platform I'll probably start looking again.
In any case, thank you all for your patience! I hope that we can continue to support this group into the future, but right now only time will tell where we go with how we admin it.
-- Fera (Metroid-Tamer)
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