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The warriors movie and game replica costumes

The Warriors movie replica costumes
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Awsome! I need this
DesperateDude's avatar
Hey man awesome collection you got here, would you be interested in selling one of the Orphan T Shirts? Starting my own collection now so looking for bits and bobs, if its not for sale any chance you could tell me if the letters are fabric and sewn on or just printed on? Can't find a clear shot of them in the film so having a hard time deciding how to go about making it. Also, are the Satans Mothers vests just standard denim sleeveless jackets? Thanks a bunch
RE Satans Mothers vests: 1 is on a proper denim vest, the other is on a jacket with sleeves cut off.  I think they look better on the sleeveless jacket.
1 of the orphans tshirts is a printed effort from ebay (letters too small and t-shirt wrong shade).  The other 1 is home made.  Got the t-shirt from a discount store, printed off the logo onto A4 sheet of paper and rubbed charcoal on the back of the sheet. Used that to trace onto the t-shirt then filled in the lettering with a black fabric marker pen. I got the lettering from a promo jpeg from rockstar games 11 years ago.  If you do this method, remember to have a sheet of card between the tshirt so the marker doesn't go all the way through to the front.
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Alright man thanks a lot! One last thing are you an admin on the warriors movie site? Having trouble registering I'm not getting a confirmation email? Can you help?
I'm one of the moderators on there but there's only one admin. We don't have any say over the registering/approval process.  It's an automatic set up with the webpage software but it's very inconsistent.  Some people register and it accepts it instantly; others have to wait.  No idea why it does that.
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I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but I'll ask anyway.

Any of those Warriors vest (preferably the two in the middle) for sale?
Sorry, None are for sale, but there is plenty of the middle left vests up on Ebay.
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Dagnabbit, I'm a Warrior, not a Fury.

What's your eBay name?
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These I asked for custom patches at a couple places, and they were running like 150 per patch.  You must have invested a lot in these. Super impressive man, I just recently made my own out of felt :o
Yeah, I've built this collection up over a few years. Since I started, there's a wider range of patches and vests available on ebay.  Felt can be tricky when you're cutting it to a pattern. Some of the original movie patches were part felt.
did you make these?
A mix of bought and home made. Some are custom jobs. Some are bought patches applied to vintage clothing.
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