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This Month's Artist Community Showcase is a special tribute to honor and pay respect not only to the Artists listed, but to all things Classic Nintendo and Mario related!  Felt it would be nice to do a Themed Feature this month, so I hope everyone enjoys each of the Artists showcased and their works.

Although the deviations chosen within this feature below are all of Retro Nintendo Gaming inspiration, I'd hope for it to not reflect the Artists as being strictly limited to such works.  Please spend a moment to browse through each Artist to get a greater taste of their Artworks and creations, and definitely comment +fav and follow to show your love and support.  Enjoy!

Art-showcase by nintentofu


Pixel Art


James is a very talented Artist from the Unites States who aside from creating awesome Pixel Art, makes and works with many other artforms including photography, drawing, digital illustration and more.  The quality and detail of BLUEamnesiac's artworks are incredible and there's a lot more to view within his gallery.  Please take a moment to look through his works of art and if you find something you love, definitely post a comment and add to your favorites!  Add Blue to your Watch list to keep track of future works and show your support.
Old TV + VCR + NES by BLUEamnesiac
:smb1cart: by BLUEamnesiac :sml1cart: by BLUEamnesiac :supergameboy: by BLUEamnesiac :smascart: by BLUEamnesiac :sm64cart: by BLUEamnesiac
:famicomcontroller2: by BLUEamnesiac :nescontroller: by BLUEamnesiac :gameboy: by BLUEamnesiac :superfamicomcontroller: by BLUEamnesiac :n64controller: by BLUEamnesiac :gamecubewavebirdcontroller: by BLUEamnesiac
Isometric SMB [W7-4] by BLUEamnesiac Isometric SMB [W7-2] by BLUEamnesiac
Nintendo 64 Controller by BLUEamnesiac

Traditional Art, Paintings, Mixed-Media


Chris Lang is an Artist from the United States who creates brilliant looking Mosaic artworks made out of old Nintendo Power Magazines!  Aside from mosaic works, Chris is also into other art as well including photography.  His art pieces are very inspirational, and it's always amazing to see art created from recycled materials.  Check out some of his work below and within his gallery, and please don't forget to comment + fav on the ones you enjoy.

Nintendo Collage - Koopa by sscjl14
Nintendo Collage - Mario by sscjl14 Nintendo Collage - Yoshi by sscjl14
Toadette by sscjl14 Tanooki Suit Mario Collage by sscjl14 Toad by sscjl14
Princess Zelda Collage by sscjl14

Crafts, Sculptures, Jewelery and Clothing


Zimt is an Artist from Germany who aside from making awesome and detailed beaded works of art, creates scultpures, shoots photography, draws illustrations and designs patterns for others to use.   AgentDoppelnuller's works are always made and presented wonderfully and you can always tell the amount of thought and care placed into each of them.  Please take some time to browse through Agent's gallery, and you can also check out and follow Zimt on tumblr at this link,  Don't forget to comment and fav on the works you enjoy, as well set to follow to show your support and recieve updates!

<da:thumb id="446971062"/>
<da:thumb id="440071631"/> <da:thumb id="132708841"/>
<da:thumb id="439905265"/> Does it still rain? by ZimtHandmade
<da:thumb id="400639978"/> <da:thumb id="157856698"/>

Drawings, Illustrations & Digital Art


Joshua Jacobson is an Artist from the United States who creates amazing and beautifully clean original Digital Illustrations, Drawings, Crafts, as well makes original Pixel Art Sprites that range from oldschool 8bit style micro sprites to larger 32bit beauties.  The amount of character in his drawings is awesome and the detailed simplicity in his illustrations are perfect.  There's much more works to view in Joshua's gallery, and if you enjoy his creations, please do comment and +fav!  Don't forget to follow! 

<da:thumb id="474897050"/> <da:thumb id="474115387"/>
 <da:thumb id="456588686"/> <da:thumb id="291742073"/> <da:thumb id="422005160"/>
<da:thumb id="420651997"/> <da:thumb id="475227479"/>
<da:thumb id="288605573"/><da:thumb id="288392762"/>
<da:thumb id="302920617"/>
<da:thumb id="285110757"/>
<da:thumb id="434463687"/> <da:thumb id="450187663"/>

Photography & Cosplay


 Dan is an incredibly diverse and talented Artist from the United States residing in New Jersey who creates and works with all sorts of amazing artforms including Traditional Pencil and Charcoal Drawings, Paintings with Acrylics & Watercolors, Collage works, 3D Art and Character Animation, Pixel Art, Photography, Costume Crafting, Writing and more!  Dan's Cosplay/CosPix creations are amazingly unique and he also has more of them in the making, so be sure to keep a lookout by setting to follow!  Please take a moment to browse through his work below and leave a comment +fav on the ones you enjoy.

  CosPix: The Turned by ChozoBoy
Ridley, Samus, and the Torizo Statue by ChozoBoy Mr. T by ChozoBoy I Am Error CosPIX by ChozoBoy
NES Controller 2 by ChozoBoy Squirtle Sprite Painting by ChozoBoy
2004 Samus Aran Palmyra High School ceiling tile by ChozoBoy

3D Modeling, Voxel Art & Renders


Justin Buonvino is an Artist from the United States who creates 3D-Modeled Voxel Artwork, Renders, Bead Crafts and more.  His scenes and inspiration draw widely from Retro Video Games, Classic Consoles, Arcades, though most greatly usually from the King Famicom / Nintendo Entertainment System.  His works range from perfect level and map layout replicas with original 3D designs, to entire custom scene compositions.  Justin currently has an epic NES Mega Man 2, 3D Voxel Art level-for-level series in progress with some scenes already finished and on display.  Please check out Justin's gallery for more artwork and don't forget to comment +fav, and follow to show your support!

3D Nintendo Mario 3 World 2 by NES--still-the-best Nintendo 3D Mario 3 by NES--still-the-best
Excitebike 3D by NES--still-the-best Mega Man 2 by NES--still-the-best
Frogger 3D by NES--still-the-best Space Invaders by NES--still-the-best
Companion Cube by NES--still-the-best 3D Zelda by NES--still-the-best
Contra by NES--still-the-best

   Thank you to all who took the time in viewing, reading, and browsing through the works of the Artists featured within this month's showcase.   All Artists featured were personally chosen and please feel free to message me regarding any issues with the works showcased, typos, etc.

   If you like this DeviantART Community Artist Showcase and would enjoy to browse more DA Artists/Artisans of various abilities and styles, you're more than welcome to view through previous Artist Showcase Journals that feature more incredibly amazing and talented people.

   Thanks again to everyone for taking the time in looking through the works of each Artist and much appreciation to all who show your support by commenting and :+fav:'ing on the pieces you enjoy.  Hope many find inspiration and more from each of the Artists and their works.

thank you,

ninxtofu by nintentofu Nintendo Gameboy C by nintentofu

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Welcome to this Month's Artist Community Showcase.  Normally I write and publish these during the middle of the month, though lately much has been going on and it's taken me away from doing a lot of the art and work I love.  Although it's still very relevant because this Months Showcase features many Artists that I've only recently had the honor of stumbling across, including from works that were submitted just this month.  One of my favorite things to do on the site (when time permits) is to browse the "newest" artworks added to DeviantART and often come across wonderful and incredibly talented Artists this way.

Thank you to all who read and view this Month's feature, and I hope it's enjoyed by many.  I wouldn't ask of anyone to comment any certain way upon the works of the Artists listed, though would hope to ask that if you do come across pieces you love, that you take a moment in letting the artist know what it is about the work you enjoy by leaving a comment on their work or page.  A small bit of appreciation can go miles within the hearts of us all, and I would greatly appreciate it myself if some took the time to comment.  Please don't forget to :+fav: and follow any of the Artists listed to show your support and to receive future updates from them.

Art-showcase by nintentofu

Pixel Art

:iconkamiwasa: kamiwasa

KamiWasa is an awesome Artist from the United States who works with multiple types of mediums and art platforms that range from Pixel Art, Vector Illustrations, Free-hand Drawings, 3D Models, and Origami.  You can find out more information on commissions and KamiWasa from his Tumblr page @  Check out some of his works below, & please do comment & +fav on the art you enjoy.  Show your support and get future updates from Kami by setting to follow.

PixelChallenege2_FEZ by KamiWasa
Coops Barking by KamiWasa January-2014 Pixel Practice by KamiWasa Sinister Sableye by KamiWasa
Origami Lokta Tissue Betta Fish by KamiWasa Origami Origamido Toad by KamiWasa

:iconnerd-scribbles: nerd-scribbles

James McDonald is an incredible Artist and Conceptual Designer currently residing and working with Z2 games in Seattle, Washington.  Though his majority of works shared on DeviantART are Digital Illustrations, it was James' Pixel Art that I was first introduced to and fascinated by.  You can get more insight and keep track of his artwork @ which I highly recommend, as well there's art on his website you cannot find elsewhere.  Definitely take a moment to look through Nerd-Scribbles gallery of works, and please give a moment to comment & +fav on the art you enjoy.  Be sure to follow if you enjoy James' work and would like to help show your support.

Robot Quest Player Room by Nerd-Scribbles Squirrel Master by Nerd-Scribbles
Pixel House by Nerd-Scribbles RobotQuest Rivet mockup by Nerd-Scribbles
DOTA 2 - Nature's Prophet Armor Design by Nerd-Scribbles Terrarium Bots by Nerd-Scribbles

:iconpaintpixelprint: paintpixelprint

Logan Tanner, is a very talented and diverse Artist from the United States who creates and works with many types of art, ranging from Pixel Art, Paintings, and Print Making, and more.  The compositions within his work are truly amazing and well thought-out, as well the amount of energy and time placed into each piece shows greatly.
You can follow Logan Tanner's work @, and get a behind the scenes look on many of his creations.  Please take a moment to browse through his artwork and be sure to comment, +fav on the pieces you enjoy, as well adding to your follow list for future updates from Logan.

<da:thumb id="433050425"/>
 <da:thumb id="436268219"/> <da:thumb id="431794656"/> <da:thumb id="459949386"/>
<da:thumb id="435507037"/> <da:thumb id="431706430"/>

Traditional Art, Drawings, Paintings, Mixed-Media

:iconragnarjungellvictor: ragnarjungellvictor

Ragnar Jungell is an amazing Artist from Finland who creates Paintings, Sculptures, Crafts, Literature, and Photography.  He paints with deep color tones ranging with Oils, Acrylics & Pastels, along styles that feel very youthful, fun and classic.  He has an awesome amount of art and more to view in his gallery, and I strongly recommend browsing through his work.  You can also view Ragnar's Tumblr page @
If you find works that you enjoy, please do comment and +fav to show your support, and don't forget to follow for future updates.

<da:thumb id="313545477"/> <da:thumb id="419502488"/> <da:thumb id="460936540"/> <da:thumb id="261108694"/>
Abstract painting 291 by ragnarjungellvictor Abstract painting 362 by ragnarjungellvictor <da:thumb id="330951576"/>

:iconwalkingcamera: walkingcamera

WalkingCamera is an awesome and very diverse Artist from Bulgaria who's work covers an array of styles, choice of mediums and techniques.  Her art spans across many types of work including Drawings & Illustrations, Paintings, Crafts, Photography, and Mosaics, and it's beautiful to see how versatile her work and compositions are which reminisce at times a sense of modern artistic expression, as well carry into a more contemporary feel.  Please take a moment to browse through her gallery and if you find works of enjoyment, please comment & +fav on them, as well showing your support by setting to follow.

  Autumn_mosaic by WalkingCamera
Continental by WalkingCamera traditional_costume_from_BG by WalkingCamera Earthcall by WalkingCamera
Cupolguard_Island by WalkingCamera Graduation Battle by WalkingCamera

:iconkoshka-kaari: koshka-kaari

Anastasya is an amazing Artist from Russia who's work covers various traditional art styles and uses of medium.  Koshka-kaari is  recently a new member of DeviantART, and although she only has a few handfuls of work so far upon the site, they are each beautiful and wonderfully made pieces.  Would greatly appreciate if you take a moment to browse her gallery, and if you find art to your likings, please do leave a comment, +fav & follow to help show some love and support. 

Summer in the village. by Koshka-Kaari Firebird. by Koshka-Kaari
  Glass beauty. by Koshka-Kaari Lotus by Koshka-Kaari Silver horse. by Koshka-Kaari
Gentleman set. by Koshka-Kaari

Crafts, Sculptures, Jewelery and Clothing

:iconkinnyfactory: kinnyfactory

Flora is an awesome Artist and Crafter from France who specializes in one of a kind plushies, stitchworks, and other goodies ranging from decorations, keychains, sewing patterns and more.  Her art is highly adorable & fun, and you can purchase works from KinnyFactory's shop @
Please take a moment to view her gallery and definitely leave a comment, +fav on the creations you enjoy.  Be sure to follow for future updates of her work!

<da:thumb id="316065954"/>
<da:thumb id="446773761"/> <da:thumb id="385838459"/>
<da:thumb id="420745948"/> <da:thumb id="394883224"/><da:thumb id="441178130"/>

:iconmarquise-crafts: marquise-crafts

Stephanie is an awesome Artist and Crafter from Seattle, Washington whose main specialty is wonderfully hand-made retro gaming themed quilts.  Many of which are up for sale upon her Etsy shop @  She also knits & crochets, as well creates pillows, accessories, plushies and more.  Please check out her gallery and comment +fav on works you enjoy, don't forget to follow to show your support and receive updates as they come along.

<da:thumb id="122640130"/>
<da:thumb id="147518310"/> <da:thumb id="417649743"/> <da:thumb id="420162334"/> <da:thumb id="409107247"/>
<da:thumb id="424377401"/> <da:thumb id="399034105"/>

:iconlen-corcino: len-corcino

 Len Corcino is an Artist from the United States who's a jewelry and pendant maker, as well an awesome and creative photographer.  Her artworks & photography cover a variety of subjects and styles, and are always well made, composed greatly & finely presented. Please spend a moment browsing through her gallery, and also check out Len's shop @
If you find works you enjoy, please comment & +fav ones you like, and don't forget to set to follow!

Mario Mushroom Earrings by Len-Corcino
Mario Charms by Len-Corcino  Mario Bob-Omb Earrings by Len-Corcino Burgandy Glass by Len-Corcino Scribbling with Light 3 by Len-Corcino Marley by Len-Corcino

Digital Art & Illustrations

:iconkelectra: kelectra

Sarsen Kalos is an amazing Artist and Illustrator from the United States who's work speaks a lot for itself and always feels to have much thought and process involved within.  Some of her artworks are very beautifully clean and simple with bold & clear color tones, that carry with them almost an animated feel and style, while other works from Kelectra are incredibly rich in depth & color, as well hold a feel of vibrant and flowing oil paintings.  Sarsen's work is very pretty and I hope for you to take a moment to browse through her gallery, and please do comment on the works you enjoy, and +fav & follow to show your support.  You can also follow Kelectra's art on facebook @,

Water Element by kelectra CReature by kelectra
Fire Element W.I.P. by kelectra Sacred Hall by kelectra Ladybug by kelectra
Cell Shaded by kelectra Wolf by kelectra

:iconnebo-illustrator: nebo-illustrator

Nicole Howard, Nebo, is an amazing and diverse Artist and Character Designer who resides in Canada.  She creates and works with many types of art & mediums, including drawings, paintings, digital illustrations, mixed media, sculpting and photography.  Nebo is somewhat new to DeviantART, though already has a great collection of works to view and enjoy.  Her artwork is very beautiful and unique in style, as well as it is skillful.  Find Nebo on facebook @, and please take a moment to browse through her gallery, as well +fav and comment on works you enjoy.  Recommend following as well!

<da:thumb id="449563113"/> Narwhal Princess by Nebo-Illustrator With All My Heart by Nebo-Illustrator The Mulberry Concept (3) by Nebo-Illustrator Idealistic Portrait by Nebo-Illustrator
Perspective Room Drawing by Nebo-Illustrator Expressive Hands by Nebo-Illustrator

:icon2blind2draw: 2blind2draw

Paweł Moszczynski, is a superb Artist and Conceptual designer from Warsaw, Poland.  His works are incredibly detailed, beautifully drawn and colored, and have an amazing amount of life-like shading and qualities within them.  He has an awesome amount of artwork and conceptual designs in his gallery, and I highly recommend and ask that you take a moment to look through his creations.  If you find works that you enjoy, please send a comment and +fav, and don't forget to follow 2blind2draw for future updates and to show your support.  You can also view more of his artwork @

watch out! there's a big ass spider up ahead! by 2blind2draw
cockatrice by 2blind2draw monster (work in progress) by 2blind2draw
another acolyte by 2blind2draw female mage by 2blind2draw demon hunter v2 by 2blind2draw  lucid dream mk.3 by 2blind2draw tatzelwurm by 2blind2draw 

Photography & Cosplay

:iconyinheyang: yinheyang

Sarah Jeremy is an awesome Photographer and Artist from the People's Republic of China who's work is beautifully shot and composed, mixing between often focusing with a direct statement, or simply capturing a form of natural elegance.  Aside from photography, Sarah also draws and paints just as wonderfully and I greatly recommend looking through her gallery of works.  If you come across art that you enjoy, please do leave a comment and +fav to show your support and appreciation.  Don't forget to follow Sarah on DA if you'd like to receive future updates.

<da:thumb id="432242486"/> <da:thumb id="435854615"/>
<da:thumb id="460524508"/> <da:thumb id="436370095"/> <da:thumb id="461437033"/>
<da:thumb id="439925618"/> <da:thumb id="458046915"/>

:iconusvakas: Usvakas

Usvakas is an Artist and Photographer from Finland who takes very beautiful images that often have a soft and lovely mood about them.  The simplicity and beauty of her work has great synergy with the color tones and compositions within.  Aside from Photography, Usvakas also works with other mediums and art styles such as Drawings and Paintings which some can be found in her gallery.  She recently joined DeviantART a handful of months ago, and I'd greatly appreciate if you all took a moment to look through her works of art.  If you find pieces you enjoy, please do leave a comment, +fav & follow to show your support.

Mom's heritage II by Usvakas
Feather in the rain by Usvakas After the rain by Usvakas
In to the forest by Usvakas Sweet lips by Usvakas Lady in the looking glass by Usvakas
Haunted Forest by Usvakas

:iconangelabermudez: angelabermudez

 Angela Bermúdez is an amazingly versatile Artist and Photographer from Costa Rica who creates and works with many types of mediums and art ranging from traditional paintings that are beautifully rich in color, sculptures, jewelery, plushes, as well makes fantastic cosplay works and photography.  Some of you may already be familiar with Angela's work on DeviantART, but if not you should definitely check out her extensive art gallery.  Please take a moment to browse Angela's art, and if you come across works you enjoy, add a comment, +fav & follow to show your support. 

<da:thumb id="245482874"/>
Let's see what the next test is by AngelaBermudez You have come too far by AngelaBermudez
HAL 9000 by AngelaBermudez <da:thumb id="419594589"/> Piranha Plant earrings by AngelaBermudez

   Thank you all for reading and viewing this Month's Community Artist Showcase.  The Artists selected for the feature are all chosen personally, and if there are any issues or typos regarding the showcase please feel free to message or send me a note.

   If you enjoyed this Month's Showcase, please feel free to browse previous Journal entries to find more featured Artists.  You may also follow to receive future updates for new showcases each month.  Sincerely appreciate everyone for taking time in checking out the Artists listed, and certainly hope you all find interest, love and inspiration within their works.  

Thank you,

Ninxtofu-voxel by nintentofu 

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Welcome to this Months DeviantART Artist Community Showcase.
Much time was spent putting this list of artists together, and I hope it's enjoyed and appreciated by many.  The goal with these features is to hopefully link more members of DeviantART together,  and also to give a little back to the many Artists whose works I love, enjoy and draw much inspiration from. 

As before, if you enjoy the works of any of the showcased Artists, I'd ask that you comment on their work about what it is you love, and give support by adding the pieces you enjoy to your favorites.  Be sure to set to /follow if you'd like to see more artworks from the Artists in the future.  Thank you to all who've read my features in the past and especially to the ones who continue to do so.
Thank you!  Enjoy!

Art-showcase by nintentofu

Pixel Art

:iconflatworms: Flatworms

Flatworms is an amazing Artist whose pixel works I feel are more like miniature pixelated paintings in their essence of thought, composition and style.  His artworks have very unique qualities to them and often Flatworms utilizes classic video-game system palette's which gives some of his work a touch of nostalgic feel.  Only recently a new Deviant upon the site and though he has but a few awesome pieces submitted, I'm positive they will continue growing in numbers.  Do take a moment to check out Flatworms' art and please leave a comment on the pieces you enjoy, +fav and add to your watchlist if you'd like to help support and keep updated with his future creations!

Clearing by Flatworms
Coast 2 by Flatworms Cold world by Flatworms
Sheep On a Foggy Morning by Flatworms

:iconsheribonbon: sheribonbon

Magda, or Madeline is an Artist whose creations spans across many wonderful styles and medium types.  Certainly not restricted to just Pixel Art, though it's what first introduced me to her beautiful artworks.   Her pieces are truly vibrant in color and practically always adorable and wonderful.  ;D  Sheri also has a couple more accounts upon the site which feature adoptables, photography, and also a previous account packed with just as much awesome goodies (which you can find from her profile), So there's a ton of artwork to get lost in!  If you enjoy Sheribonbon's lovely works of art, please do take a moment to comment on the pieces you like and don't forget to +fav and follow along for constant updates!

Under the rainbow tree by SheriBonBon
Creator Of Pixels by SheriBonBon
Way to better days by SheriBonBon Sushi time! by SheriBonBon

:iconkradakor: Kradakor

Mário Santos is an amazing Artist from Brazil as well a starting up indie game developer.  His works are not only of amazing quality but also highly creative and thought out, and the color palettes used within each piece are always beautifully selected.
  Kradakor's artworks are not strictly inspired from great oldschool video games, but also from literature and other awesome sources.  You can also find more of his work upon under the name Emperor_Pixel which I definitely recommend checking out cause there are more unique works there as well!  Please take a moment to enjoy some of this artist's creations and leave a comment +fav & +follow if you love his artwork!

Super ISO Bros: The Other Side by Kradakor Blood Castle by KradakorSuper Mario Bros: Mario Paint by Kradakor
  The Only Gun We Need by Kradakor

Traditional Art, Drawings, Paintings, Mixed-Media

:iconashedenica: ashedenica

Anna is a truly wonderful Artist from Russia who creates fantastically beautiful works with an assortment of traditional mediums to make drawings, inks, digital illustrations, as well acrylic and oil paintings.  Like many, Anna very much loves to create art; though a thing that separates her from many is her true dedication to her work and ability + passion to keep at it with an awesome pace.  Ashedenica is only recently a member of deviantART, though already has such a vast collection of works shared within the community and most honestly every single piece is a true work of art that shines brilliantly as such!  I'd appreciate greatly for the ones interested in such types of work, to spend some time looking through her gallery because I can promise that you'll find many works to fall in love with.  And when you do, please be sure to comment & add to your favorites.  Don't forget to follow, Anna's work is truly worth support and keeping up-to-date with!

libido by ashedenica
Nymphea  (365/238) by ashedenica
The river (365/243) by ashedenica  Emotion by ashedenica 365/247 2 by ashedenica

:icontjatkings: tjatkings

Tyson Atkings is an incredible Visual Artist from Canada who creates a vast and amazing collection of artworks.  From Drawings to Paintings, Sculptures, Photography and Writings +, tjatkings is definitely a person of many brilliant talents and awesome creativity.
His works emit true explosions of vibrant color and tones with much thought and attention towards each piece in all cases.  His art often forces you rethink the way we see not only shapes, form and shades within the world, but also reveals how beautiful and intriguing personal expression within art can be.  Tyson has an ocean of works to get lost in, inspired by, and in love with so please take some time to view his gallery.  Remember to comment on pieces you enjoy, +fav and +follow to help show your support towards his works and future creations.

 <da:thumb id="385859044"/>  <da:thumb id="347349629"/>
<da:thumb id="385856042"/> <da:thumb id="430356604"/> <da:thumb id="420008846"/>

:iconkaylamahoney: KaylaMahoney

Kayla Mahoney is a wonderful Artist from Canada who most often creates works very passionately and in-depth with thought and intention behind them.  Her art mostly reflects and drives off of emotions which bring forth tons of life into her artworks, though she also creates many gorgeous illustrations that are easy-going, fun & simple yet still just as thoughtful and detailed.

Kayla's relatively new as a member to deviantART yet already has a beautiful collection of works submitted to the site, which are all deserving of looking through.  Please take a moment to browse through her artworks when you have time, and be sure to comment on the pieces that you love and +fav.  I definitely recommend following her work as well!


Mature Content

Silence by KaylaMahoney
Misplaced by KaylaMahoney

Clash by KaylaMahoney Waiting on you by KaylaMahoney

Neon by KaylaMahoney Moonbeams by KaylaMahoney

Crafts, Sculptures, Jewelery and Clothing

:iconretr8bit: Retr8bit

Matthew Kibble (originally Metru-guy on DA) is an Artist who resides within the United Kingdom and is one of the most awesome crafters I've come across on DeviantART.  Only recently had I stumbled across his work, though fell in love with his creations instantly.  Lately his specialty has been in creating epic bead crafts, though he's certainly an amazing Illustrator and Pixel Artist as well.  Retr8bit's makes some of the coolest bead works out there, and perhaps the best Portal themed crafts ever.  Definitely take a moment to look through his collection of works, and be sure to check out his previous account for even more art.
Remember to comment, +fav and follow if you enjoy his work!

Mary and Gene Nicelander Sprites by Retr8bit

<da:thumb id="272371432"/> Hama Companion Cube Box - PLUS Mini Cube by Retr8bit

:iconthedarklittlebunny: thedarklittlebunny

DarkLittleBunny is an Artist and Crafter from Portugal who creates an assortment of adorable and lovely works.  Her art ranges from illustrations, cutely well-made plush goods, wonderfully sculpted charms, up into jewelery & clothing.  She even creates awesome usable goods such as mini designer erasers, pin-cushions, and more!  Please take some time to browse through her gallery of charms & plushies + more, and be sure to comment on +fav anything you find of enjoyment!  Don't forget to follow to help show your support!  If you're seeking a soft Mario themed plush or helpless companion cube to cuddle up and rest your head upon, you should also check out her shop on storeenvy (from her profile!) where she has even more goods outside of her DA gallery!

Sushi by TheDarkLittleBunnY
League Of Legends - Poro by TheDarkLittleBunnY The legend of zelda T-shirt by TheDarkLittleBunnY
Super Mario Mushrooms Keychains by TheDarkLittleBunnY Mystery Block by TheDarkLittleBunnY
    Princess Peach by TheDarkLittleBunnY

:iconbthomas64: BThomas64

Brandon Thomas is an incredibly talented Artist of many trades who lives in Canada.  I first was introduced to Brandon's work from his sculptures and was greatly impressed by the level of detail within his creations as well the beautiful coloring work that he gave just as much attention towards.  Though I'm featuring mostly his Sculpting work, he's also an amazing freehand Artist and Illustrator both in his traditional and digital works.  Please take a moment to browse through his works because I know you'll love a lot of it!
Be sure to comment on the pieces you enjoy and +fav & +follow to show your love and support!
Ren And Stimpy Sculpture by BThomas64 Megaman Sculpture by BThomas64 I'm SO Scratching the Drapes! by BThomas64
Donkey Kong Sculpture by BThomas64

Mature Content

Pixel Mermaid by BThomas64

Parappa Sculpture by BThomas64

Digital Art & Illustrations

:iconhikarialien: HikariAlien

HikariAlien is an extremely talented and unique Artist from Trinidad and Tobago.  Her works range in great diversity from simple yet wonderful character work-ups, detailed sketches, to full-fleshed out original character designs & scenes that are truly works of art.  Hikari's creations are incredibly gorgeous as much as they are inspirational and the characters throughout her work are always filled with amazing colors, precise & detailed line art, and beautifully thought out compositions.  Absolutely love her work greatly and hope you all take a moment to look through her collection.  If you have time, please comment on the pieces you find enjoyment and beauty in, as well to +fav and +follow if you'd like to show your love for her works and give support. 

Undecided Child by HikariAlien