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pixel abstract | acrylic pigment upon cork

have been working on and experimenting with some primitive abstract pixel art within the past few years though haven't shared much with everyone just cause most of it is quite odd and different then what some may see from me.  created this one using acrylics on cork about a year ago, really enjoy the texture of cork itself and it's fun to work with.  have a few other works in progress somewhat along these lines, so hopefully some of you enjoy this or the basic concept.
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I love it! Its going right onto my FavoritesLove 
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:D  Thank you!  Glad you love it!  I've been experimenting with Pixelated Abstract art for a few now though also have some crazy ideas for similar type of works that I'd love to do.  Color is very powerful and I love being able to work with it and try to use it!
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I love it, I love Pixel art.
Me and my brother would play animal crossing, just for the Clothing designer.
I just got Minecraft for the PS3!!! Tis so much fun!!!!
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Love so much to make my own designs in that game as well!  In fact, when you walked into my town, I had designed all my own tilesets of space and such, so that you walked in and it's almost a star field, and mother earth and a moon are at the entrance with many star tiles around them.  So it felt you walking on no grass to begin with!  ^_^

My bestfriend William just got Minecraft for the PS3 also!  Was showing him some of the ropes with it, love to get lost in that game.  xD