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ocealynn blue

acrylics upon 6"9"inch canvas board

by nintentofu
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This is beautiful.  So vivid, yet it lets your imagination flow.  Very nice. :love:
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Thank you Nintendo Gamer, your comment has very much made my day.  :)  Rarely do I get feedback within my original pieces so it's a pleasure to hear your thoughts.  This painting I'd created somewhat spontaneously out of much love and inspiration for the ocean, using a single brush in attempt to figure my and itself out a bit more.  ^_^   It's nice to read you say it seems to allow your imagination to flow, because I certainly tried letting go of fear in this piece and do just that!

Thanks again for your kind comment, it's very much appreciated!  :hug: !
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Aww, it's no problem!  ^^  Again, thanks for sharing it! :w00t!:
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You're welcome!  :)  To be honest, I contemplated even submitting my original pieces to this account (not that I have a different one) but was unsure if people who mostly enjoy my works of retro video game art would appreciate a completely near opposite side of artwork from me haha.  There's still quite a few artworks I haven't added to the site sort of because of this.  ^_^ 
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Oh, I see!  Well I'm glad you decided to post your art, because it sure brings a big smile to my face everytime I see it!  I think it's so cool that someone recreates 8-bit NES art.  I always thought NES games were some of the finest art I've ever seen, and you paint it so well.  Those simply, vibrant colors are amazing.

NES games look like children's coloring books brought to life!  :heart:
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Thank you!  That brings a smile back upon my face to read haha.  :hug:  The NES 8-bit art is also very much the same for me as you, the graphics and designs were always so great and memorable.  Have been painting for close to 7/8 years now, though really wanted to try and paint many years even prior to that.

I grew up with Color Blindness / Color "Deficiency" and really struggled as a kid with colors and art, constantly calling them wrong and being laughed at lol, and teased like "hey, what's this color!?  hey! what's THAT color?!"  ^_^  so when it came around the time of me near dying to get into painting and such, it was a massive struggle and obstacle to get over my fear and disability of using colors.  Although I feel it has given me a much wider perspective on not only the way the body works, appreciation for the little things and how delicate and amazing it is to even have vision in the first place haha, but also humbles me in many ways towards always knowing that I've always room to learn and grow.  Which allowed a path for me to somewhat try and not to take for granted colors, and their powers and effects on ourselves and others, and I had to strive a bit to read up on many basic things kids learned and easily remembered in school about color mixing, primary colors, and noob things.  ^_^

It's fun you mention your feelings towards NES games, cause I have wanted for a few now to create a coloring book and my Mother just recently said I should do one out of my artworks lol.  =P  Would be fun maybe to run a neat photoshop filter through some of my works for kids who want to color some of the art themselves.  =P  Which Ironically I seemed to have more small little kids super stoked about my art, less than older nerds my age at the last vendor booth haha.  ;)

Apologize for rambling btw if so.  ^_^  Appreciate your comments and thanks again for your kindness!
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Oh, I see.  Sorry to hear about the color blindness thing.  :(  I'm glad to know you took something otherwise negative and made something good out of it with a positive outlook.  This is something you now cope well with? ^^

You should totally make that coloring book!  :D  And do it 8-bit style, with big blocks that each kid has to fill in with colors.  =P
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Yeah guess just after many years you realize you just have to deal with it haha and make the best out of the situation.  ;)  I think it helps to give me interesting perspectives though so no worries.  ;D

A coloring book does sound like a fun project, maybe even 'The Life of Mario, a Coloring Book!'  =P  And it could go through the many different versions of mario in some sort of interesting way.  Idk, just brain storming.  ;)
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