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[nes] Legend of Zelda - Link and Likelike!

Nintendo Entertainment System's

Legend of Zelda - Link and Likelike!

acrylic painting upon a 6"x6"inch deep-edged canvas

Been working on this piece lately on the side for a break from the tedious Beachichu painting that's in progress (and should hopefully be done soon, and turn out wonderfully!)

Within The Legend of Zelda for NES, when Link is captured by a Likelike his body is naturally just sat over pretty much with a partial bit of him barely showing.  So for this piece it's based off LikeLikes version with Link's top half plugged nicely into LikeLike's digestive track!  xD  Really happy with the outcome, although the picture doesn't capture the color exactly spot on (the orange and red is a bit more neon looking here).

[nes] LoZ - Link and Likelike (sideview) by nintentofu
[nes] LoZ - Link and Likelikes

This painting is inspired from and dedicated to :iconlikelikes: LikeLikes who's been a kind and generous friend upon DeviantART.  If you're unaware of her artworks, you really must check them out!  She creates amazing works of art that are very worth looking through and you're bound to find many favorites!  LikeLikes also runs an amazing shop filled with all sorts of goodies from Prints, Shirts, Mousepads, and much much more!

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dth02's avatar
This is awesome! I love the 8-bit paintings.
nintentofu's avatar
Thank you Dth02!  Means a lot to me honestly.  :) 
BomberTim's avatar
Even that is a like like, or a human eating strawberry. Sorry, I kid. I like it.
nintentofu's avatar
Haha!  Right though!  xD  It does look pretty strawberry'ish!  ;D  Thank you by the way BomberTim for the comment!  Really do appreciate it.  :)
BomberTim's avatar
Yeah, no problem. :)
likelikes's avatar
i always thought of likelikes at triple decker pizzas. or lasagna... def food related.
nintentofu's avatar
Mmm.. triple decker pizzas!  xD
likelikes's avatar
*as... still can believe there aint no edit buttons in DA - maybe i need a pro account to do that :P
Drennith's avatar
That's actually how I always pictured the NES-era ones, too! Also, that is TOTALLY how Link is really reacting to having his shield devoured.

He's also saying "Aaagh! He's eating me! Gently eating me! No teeth...Mostly tongue..."
nintentofu's avatar
Haha!  :D

When I was super young playing this on Nes I always thought it was a chandelier..  ^_^
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