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love (a glyph)

it's said that two natural polarities exist within our world..
love, the highest vibratory state; and fear, residing at the base of the lowest vibrations.

and in theory, every possible emotional resonance stems and branches out strictly from one polarity or the other.

which energy shall we emit?
choose wisely!  :love:

and remember, you are the one who is in control of your own emotions!
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I emit love....but nobody wants any :( Love hurts 
Love love love!!! Goin in the Favs! 
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I'm within the same boat..  you know, the No Love Boat.  ^_^  -_- 

Really happy you enjoy this artwork Hitosu, this one really is important to me and means a lot that you find it appealing.  :)
hitosu-chan's avatar
The love boat! *giggles* thats so funny!
And you know I love your art there's no need to thank me, I should be thanking you! I always wanted to see art like your, but nobody did it.
Then I saw your dig dug pic and I just wanted to scream Squee! !!!!
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Haha thanks, glad you enjoy my silly and often lame/cheesy humor.  :D

There are certainly more pixel artist painters out there and many many of them are far
greater artists than I usually.  Though I'm extremely glad you had stumbled upon my work and found enjoyment in it!

To be honest, the dig dug piece means an incredible amount to me as well does the composition.  Even though it may seem quite simple hehe.  ^_^

It's really one of my favorite pixel art pieces I've done.  :)