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a micro blue isometric voxel

Micro Isometric Voxel painting
acrylic upon a mini 2"x2" inch edged-canvas.

Most of my artworks are usually tied into inspiration from retro video gaming and the likes, but I also enjoy creating original pieces and abstract art on occasion.  Often pixel art though still is a heavy inspiration on even my abstract and original pieces.  This art is by no means invented by me whatsoever, it's simply an isometric Voxel square that I drew up in photoshop and then hand painted onto a mini canvas.

A special thing that I love particularly about this piece is that it's technically as far as I was able to make, the tiniest voxel cube possible while still retaining the isometric form and holding enough mass to still keep its 3D Shape to the eye.

Hope you enjoy this, even though it's quite simple and tiny!  ^_^  Was a lot of fun to paint and really happy with the outcome.  If you like this piece, be on the lookout for more isometric voxel art and paintings to come.  :)

see this painting up-close, below!

a micro blue isometric voxel, up-close.. @_@ by nintentofu

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