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Surf Rock Pikachu!

Pikachu riding a sunset-blue Surfboard!
from the Pikachu's Beach mini-game on Pokemon Yellow.

been heavily geeking out on bead sprites lately, and also have a few upcoming deviations that I hope to surprise and please some of you all with.  still working on some prototypes, but I'm excited for them and hope you all enjoy!  :D

if you enjoy this piece, be on the lookout cause I have a lot of Pokemon and more Pikachu's Beach works in the making!  thanks for looking and please feel free to leave a comment or any requests for a bead sprite!
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Love it!  :love:  Even if Pikachu did kind of rip off Excitebike in his surfing game.  =P
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Haha yeah, it's also much like the California Games surfing competition or the awesome T&C Surf Designs had a similar one if I recall right.  Really a cute game though and the sprites are adorable.  ^_^  I actually have a few other Surf Pikachu crafts (and a painting..) in the works and yet to add!  :)
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Oh, I see!  Can't wait to see more surfing Pikachu!  :giggle:
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Haha thanks!  That helps inspire me to finish em up!  ;D
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