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Super Mario World - Beer Bottle Cap Mosaic Art

Super Mario beer bottle cap mosaic artwork, made from collected and recycled caps!

bottle caps upon 20x20"inch wide-edged canvas, undertone mosaic painting in acrylics.

For well over a few years I've been collecting caps from friends, family (grandpa) xD , self..  =P  with hoping to do some mosaic pieces down the road..  this is so far the first Video Game related cap art I've done, and more are definitely to come because I now have almost an infinite supply of caps incoming to me..  ;D  So if you like this one, be on the lookout for more and always feel free to request something that you'd like to see.

Super Mario and Super Mario World are copyrights of Nintendo Co., bottle cap artwork made by nintentofu
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lol pretty cool =)
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:)  Thank you Koshka-Kaari!  Have a few more works similar to this in progress, love to experiment with recycled goods though really don't do enough of it.  ^_^
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and ya didn't call me to drink them all xD
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Haha!  Trust me, if I were to invite you over for some oldschool gaming and alchohol, we'd certainly be drinking way higher quality beer!  ;D

Most of these caps were from my Grandfather haha, he loooved him some Miller High Life lol.  He still drinks some on occasion but he had to cut back incredibly but that can be a good thing.  ;)  I also got a good amount of the caps from going around to a few local pubs and asking if I could take their caps from the night.  Most people (pretty much everyone lol) thought I was insane so I had to keep repeating what I was using them for.  ^_^
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haha fun facts :')
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Woah this looks AMAZING! O___O
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Thank you CrazyWave, have been collecting a long while for this piece and for other similar projects.  Hoping to do a Legend of Zelda one and truly want to do a Dig Dug cap piece just cause I have a crazy love for that game.  =P  Thanks for your comment honestly, glad you enjoy!  :)
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This is such an awesome mosaic! He looks so cute too! Using beer caps was a great idea and the colors work very well together.
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Thank you Pyxle.  ;D  Spent a lot of time on this piece, including figuring out how to do the adhering of the caps, etc.  Though luckily fell in love with using Mod Podge in the making, never knew what a great and fun adhesive/sealer it is!  ;)   Glad you enjoy the mosaic honestly, and thanks for the kind comment.  :)
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Thank you.   :)
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Nice job really creative...
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Thank you Skooby, appreciate it.
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