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Super Mario 2 (USA) - Toadstool Stich Craft [raw]

raw toad stitch craft, unframed

made in embroidery threading with a mosaic style stich

see it framed, below
super mario two (usa) - toadstool, stitch craft by nintentofu
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Waghh!! I love it! Its so amazing!
Its like I'm actually playing Super Mario bros 2
Great work. Was it terribly hard? :)
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:)  You really are amazingly kind and I enjoy reading your comments!  SMB2 even though not really a 'real' mario game, has always been a major favorite of mine!  Love the engine a lot and Toad was the best character plus Peach and her awesome ability to float!  Thank you for the thoughtful comment.  :) 

This piece wasn't too tough really more so they are very time consuming to create and complete each stitch, (especially if you mess up part ways and have to back track..)  ^_^  I very much enjoy stitch crafts also though from time to time cause they are a bit more relaxing than painting, plus you can work on them at times when you cannot paint!  :)  I also enjoy that for the most part, once you complete a stitch, it's DONE! and I don't have to worry about constantly starting at each pixel wondering if it's sharp enough..  @_@  Like I tend to do and obsess over with my paintings haha.
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Your just so Cool! I love it that you reply when I write you. Not many people do. Feel free to write me anytime.... I get lonely
And I Totally get what you mean by you can do that in places that you cant paint, Thats why like like having my tablet and a writing app on it. I can write anywhere I go!

Your just such a Nice guy, to be honest I kinda thought you'd be mean because you're such a great artist. But now that I have been Chatting with you I realize I was wrong to have made that assumption, I'm very Sorry.Too Much Hugging Signed Heather sealed with a Kiss :kiss: revamp XD
nintentofu's avatar
You make it difficult for me to respond to such kind words Heather!  You've almost perma stuck a grin on me haha, just teasing but really thank you so much, you make me very happy with how thoughtful and sweet you are.  :)   I'm always one who loves to converse with others that are of similar likeness, though I often tend to find myself off and rambling it seems haha.  ^_^  And please don't worry or feel too different, I get extremely lonely myself at times to be honest.  You're also always more than free to write me just the same! 

Apologize if sometimes I take a moment in responding though, and yesterday I spent many hours working on this Months Artist Showcase, then afterwards I pretty much had to get off the pc.  xD  I wanted to respond to you but also try and pay respect to one another so I prefer not to type when either mega sleepy or just overdone, which would encourage me to respond one liners.  =P

I'd love a tablet simply for that aspect of it all alone, would be nice to work on compositions on the go and such.  Writing has been something I've wanted to really try and get into badly for many years though also get overwhelmed by not knowing where to start even though I have a few ideas on what I'd like to present in a story!  Would really enjoy to read some of your works though if you're ever willing to share!  :D

Well I really don't hope you to find me being mean or take my artworks to speak such about me!  I mostly try to create positive works and be open and honest with others, and although I am forever a human being and can make mistakes and do, I do try and make an attempt to be a good person towards others and especially strangers.  There's always room to grow though which hopefully leaves room for improvement in me!  ^_^

Hope to not sound cheesy, but thank you so much again Heather for your recent kindness and gracious support towards my work!  It's very nice to meet someone who cares much for the work you create and enjoys it.  :)   Hope to hear from you soon again!  And I'd seal with a kiss back though idk if that would be too awkward haha.  xD  :love:
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I'm happy to hear you say that. I used to be lonely all the time! But then I met you and I don't feel lonely anymore.
And we're so much alike you and I, you like NES I like NES, you like All kinds of music so do I. 

And please never feel bad that you can't write right away, it builds suspense!

And your not mean, nor have you ever been mean. At least not to me anyway.  And i can be alittle bit of a jerk so, please Forgive me if i ever hurt you,
(I hate mentioning this) but I'm a Gemini, my mood Fluctuates, but I'd never hurt you intentionally, always remember that!!! Your my best (hermergerd!!! I'm gonna say it!!!) FRIEND!!! Ugh sorry I shouldn't have said that....

Don't be embarrassed about sending Kisses!
Hyper Kiss Beam emoticon Vampire kiss? XD XD XD
nintentofu's avatar
;D  You're such a kind and fun person to communicate with, so thank you very much!  Really enjoy to read your comments and you always seem to have something wonderful to say.  :)

Suspense can be a good thing haha!  ;D  Though just as long as it's not too much waiting, just to end up you know with something like Matrix 3.  ^_^  Lol just messing.  =P  (I actually enjoyed that movie to a good degree xD)

I can really understand where you come from, though I myself am a Sagittarius II, born on the 6th of December.  My mood can and certainly does fluctuate, though mostly that has to do with what I focus my mind and emotions on.  I research a lot of things in this world, both good and also subjects that aren't necessarily "positive" but, to me, knowing these things and not being in the unknown is highly more positive and uplifting even if the research is somewhat negative.   I'm somewhat a of a truth seeker I guess.  ^_^  Sometimes yes it can bring me down and sometimes it can bring me up, though would I rather be stagnant within one single blissful mood?  Most definitely, NOT!

Thank you again so much for your kindness and I really hope to speak more with you!
Take care!  :hug: :love:
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