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Super Mario 2 (USA) - Toadstool Stich Craft

handmade with embroidery stitching on micro-plastic canvas.  work is done in a 'mosaic style' stitch.

color seems a bit off since the sun is behind the hill and frame, think it turned out okay though. :)

raw version below
Super Mario 2 (USA) - Toadstool Stich Craft [raw] by nintentofu
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This picture is awesome. Really love the clean look the frame and mat give the artwork ^_^
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Thank you Jay-Man!  :D  That really means a lot to me, especially from you!  It's nice to get a comment from you good sir!  :)
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Why thank you.  ;D
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oh wow! This is beautiful!
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Thanks Mrs. Potter! ;D Very sweet of ya to say so haha. :)
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This is actually a very nice setting.
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Thank you valkiriforce, good to read you feel so. Took about 20+ different pictures, and half or so didn't even come out at all. Tried many different spots on the hill and angles also. I do have another more straight on shot that came out decent, but didn't want to spam DA either haha.

Photograph was taken down at the park right by the house though, pretty much the closest grassy area with a clear view. Would have been nice to get some Arizona mountains in the background! But hey, maybe next time? ;)

Thanks again for the comment valkiri, do appreciate it.
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Yes, sure thing. :)
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