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Super Mario 2 - File Cabinets

Super Mario 2 Filing Cabinet skins showcase.

Originally created for use in Counter-Strike: Source as a File Cabinet skin replacement in cs_office, etc.

Created about a year ago and uploaded to for anyone to download.

download <--


Valve, for default model & skin.

Nintendo Company for original Art.

Skin, Layout, Composition, Design, Compile & Render by nintentofu.

SM2 - Super Mario File Cab by nintentofu SM2 - Princess Peach File Cab by nintentofu SM2 - Shy Guy File Cab by nintentofu 
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Lunabunneh's avatar
I need this!!!!!! <3
nintentofu's avatar
A set of these would certainly go perfect within your epic Mario room!   ;D  Have been thinking of ways I can distribute some sort of decals of painted works for actual cabinets, though it's also tough considering cabinets are practically like people in their own right lol..  ^_^  Some short, some tall, some fat, some small..  Really glad you enjoy these though Lunabunneh, and honestly if you feel inspired to make decals yourself out of your own favorite scenes or even from Super Mario World for cabinets of your own, you best do!  :D
Lunabunneh's avatar
I would love to have these!~ I might do something with my dresser. :/ I don't know but this is 
a really awesome idea! Very creative!
nintentofu's avatar
I say you try it!  I'd love to see what you come up with as well, and you're as free as you'd like to use these cabinets for base inspiration or just any inspiration!  Nothing stems from nothing damnit!  :heart: :hug: !
Lunabunneh's avatar
Thank you pixel friend ^/////^ <3
NathanielBart's avatar
This is the greatest thing I've ever seen. Ever. Sweet example of being unapolegetically awesome
nintentofu's avatar
Haha, big thanks Nathaniel.  Very kind of you to say and really do appreciate your comment.  :)
steveeasye187's avatar
wow sooo cooollll!!!
nintentofu's avatar
:)  Thank you Steve, glad you enjoy them.
xdavexdewx's avatar
Thats amazing! I love how retro gaming and 8-bit/16-bit is really starting to become popular. I love it!
dream-happy's avatar
That is awesome! I wish I had filing cabinets like that
takeshi03's avatar
Awesome concept dude.
nintentofu's avatar
Thank you Takeshi. : )
estranged-illusions's avatar
These are amazing! I'm just curious why the question marks are backwards on the drawers...?
nintentofu's avatar
Unfortunetaly that was due to the UV mapping on the model itself. :( Sadly.
estranged-illusions's avatar
PaulPower's avatar
That's really awesome! Would be great to see those in real life... although personally I'd be more inclined to buy one based on the item monitors from Sonic, but hey :)
nintentofu's avatar
Thanks PaulPower. Sonic would definitely make an awesome set of File Cabinets. Perhaps I will give skinning them a shot, and try to create something that you would enjoy. : )
8Bit-Artist's avatar
damnit, this one is even better. haha
nintentofu's avatar
Thank you 8-bit-Painter. Glad that you like them.
cherofobia's avatar
How can it only have 3 :+favs:???
nintentofu's avatar
Not sure, could be many people have not yet seen them, or have, but they're not everyones cup of tea I suppose. ^__^
cherofobia's avatar
people are strange (and mostly stupid)
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