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Super BOWSER! (psst.. it'sa me, mario!) 64! :D

the other week a good friend :iconkarshaforever: KarshaForever, posted an art challenge for practice and fun, to create a human within a monster costume/outfit.  That could be either cute and funny or even symbolic, etc. 

I struggled with a few drawings for it when actually trying to draw a real human figure from the imagination and trying to figure out some sort of costume to put them in, and to be honest drawing monsters has never really been something I'm great at.  I became a bit down on the fact I couldn't come up with anything or a decent drawing when trying to sketch, so I layed down for a few to relax my mind and think about what I really want to draw for the challange.  then.. it hit me!  Mario, in a Bowser Custome!  :D  It made total sense at that moment and I felt it was something that still was very true to me and what I love!

My first drawing was pretty bad for the design concept and drew first from just memory and such.  Afterwards, I popped in Super Mario 64 (one of my top fav Mario games and also my favorite Bowser!) and drew this based off the Bowser boss stage.  I'm sure it could have turned out way more awesome and perhaps cuter to fit Mario and his proportions better, but I was happy with the outcome and decided to share it as the work for the challenge!  :)

I did a random ink trace version afterwards just for fun and practice also, which can be seen below if you like.  I may even go as far as remaking this digitally and also another version where it's a smaller body of and cuter version of Bowser that maybe looks even better hopefully heh.  ;)

Either way, I had a blast with this art challenge and happy with the drawing!  Hope someone out there enjoys!

SUPER BOWSER 64! inked! by nintentofu
random inked version

Ninxtofu-voxel by nintentofu 
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:)  Thank you DarkLuaisy64!  Glad you enjoy it!
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