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Space Invaders - Perler Set

Space Invaders "glow in the dark" perler bead crafts.

These are the first Perler bead crafts I've made,
(minus the horrid one I made to figure out the whole ironing process ^__^ ) but I think they turned out ok. Want to maybe put them into a light box or something.
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ninten those look real great for how much pain they put you through. they seem to have scarred your soul, lol :rofl:

they're cute though ^__^
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Yeah, the ironing process is quite odd. I ended up throwing away the first Perler bead craft I made because it was flat as a pancake practically, and many of the inner circles were melted shut. Lol. ;D

Glad you think they turned out ok though. : ) Much thanks Prom. ^__^
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haha how rad and cute ^__^ and Glow in the dark [link]

i whant ;)!!
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Thank you EKAH. :D They look pretty cool when they are glowing as well. : ) Tried to take a picture of them in the dark... but it really wasn't turning out well.

If you would truly want one, I can definitely make a set of two for ya. ^__^
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that would be kick ass ;D but i wouldent be able get them =/ ?
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Well where you planning on sending them thrue mail to me ^___^? <3
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Yeah. Air mail or something that would work. : )
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Dude, those are awesome! Great job!
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Thanks man. I think they turned out ok for my first set. : )
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he he, this is so cool ! And it brings back memories:-)
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Thank you ValentinaKallias. Glad to read it brings a bit of nostalgia to you. : )
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