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Pokemon Red/Blue | Recolered Pikachu on Pokeball

Pokemon Red/Blue | Recolered Pikachu on Pokeball

Recolored Pikachu bead craft from Pokemon Red/Blue & Red Pokeball from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire

Inspired from some amazing bead spriters out there, this is one of a few more pieces I've been working on lately which has brought a lot more spark back into me and making bead crafts!  ;D  I have a few others that are in prototype and also some simply yet to get pictures of and submit, as well as a 'de'colored pokeball edit with an original black and white Pikacha and Ash/Red with their own stands. 

If you enjoy this craft, please feel free to comment or request other sprites you'd enjoy to see.  Also be on the lookout for some new craft patterns, original fan art craft patterns, and other goodies that I have in the works and in mind!  ;D  Thank you for checking out this craft!


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o.o i just notice you made
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^_^   Well hopefully you enjoy it!  I made a similar one with the original greyscale colors but unsure if it would be lame to submit it haha.  =P
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Thank you Luna!  :)
AwkwardDinozaur's avatar
Aaah~ The memories come flooding back! ;u;
This is so awesome~! ^^
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Glad it brings a spark of such back to you!  :D  Thank you by the way for commenting as well as the kind compliment!  :)
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Hey that is great! 
I never thought you could make an upright piece with beads.
May I use that idea for my designs?
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Hello Strepie!  Thank you for taking a moment to look at this craft and especially for leaving a comment.  :)  You're incredibly more than welcome to use this idea within your own designs and creations, and I'm happy that you find some inspiration from it that you feel can work towards your projects! 

If you'd like, I'd love to see whatever you do create so please always feel free to link me to your works!  Thanks again and look forward to seeing your bead sprites and art!
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Awesome! I will send a reply when I made one.
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Great! Thank you and good luck! Look forward in seeing your art. :)
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Your pearlers are amazing.
How did you get Pikachu to stand up like that without falling over?
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Hey AsaliKitten!  Thank you, glad you enjoy this one.  :)  Appreciate you asking and taking a moment to comment as well. 

For this one since Pikachu himself isn't too large of a sprite and fairly lightweight, I was able to simply add two small perler beads onto his feet below and then for the base itself I melt the craft with two bead spots left out, for Pikachu to fit into without taking away any original sprite portions from the main displayed piece itself.

For a clean looking craft, you can also use the same color feet/peg beads as the ones from the base, of which the spots were taken out of to be replaced.  That way they end up filling in the base with the proper color that was missing.  For this piece though, I actually chose black for the two base-peg beads underneath Pikachu but I've done a few others with the technique mentioned and it looks nice also I think.  :)

Thanks again for the comment and also for checking out my craft!  ;D
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You're welcome and thank you for the explanation c:
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Not a problem at all, my apologies if it was a bit lengthy haha.  ^_^
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that's awesome
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