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Pokemon Red/Blue | Ash/Red + Pikachu Keychains

Nintendo GameBoy's
Pokemon Red / Blue

Ash (Red) & Pikachu

Most of my favorite Pokemon sprites are still the black and white sprites from the original Gameboy version, though many times the sprites are seen recolored which is definitely awesome but I wanted to make a few oldschool looking ones!  Here are some of the recent Pokemon keychains and beadcrafts I've been working on lately. Comes with very tough and sturdy keychain hardware! 

Hope people enjoy! 

These items, paintings, and others are for sale on my Etsy shop here!
Retro Gaming Art and Crafts by nintentofu by WORLD8 on Etsy

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Hi! I was just wondering where did u get the chain for this??
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ok I know it says red and blue, But pokemon Yellow was the First pokemon I played and completed,
Thats why I love this it makes me think of when Pikachu was following me around all the time :)
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Awesome!  Well that's just as great if not better!  Pokemon Yellow was actually an enhanced version Pokemon Red & Blue, so it was a nice upgrade from the original with added features to make Pikachu a lot more present as being your main Pokemon/friend.  :D  Glad you really enjoy this though, and to be honest Red/Blue (yellow) was the first Pokemon game I played and completed as well!  :)  Really had a great time on it. 

I'm actually working on a new Pokemon painting that I just started earlier today!  Bought the canvas for it just the other week!  Hopefully it should be done soon and I also hope you enjoy it! 

Thank you so much by the way for your kind comments and for taking the time to look through some of my works, Means so much to me honestly!  :hug: 
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It was the most fun I have ever had! I loved raising my Pikachu to love me
And respect me. Pikachu was always one of my favorite Pokemon... but then what girl didn't love Pikachu, thats what my brothers always say.

I look forward to it, I just know it will be great!
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Yeah haha!  I read about it and it was saying there was sort of a respect meter/level thing, that you have to treat Pikachu correctly for him to do certain things.  ;D  Sounds awesome actually, love when there are little quirks like that in video games and just fun things to make them more interesting.

So far the painting has the black parts painted in, though it's been quite a task since the pixel scale is a lot smaller than my normal artworks.  Really enjoying it though and still hope you enjoy it upon arrival.  ;D
hitosu-chan's avatar
I cant get enough of Pikachu! 
It took for ever for my Pikachu to love me but 
I was will to jump down a flight of stairs for him!
:slinky: XD HAHAHA
nintentofu's avatar
Haha!  Too great Heather!  xD 
Nintendo-Dreamer's avatar
Those would look great on a set of keys!  :D
nintentofu's avatar
Why thank you Nintendo Gamer!  :highfive:
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