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Pokémon Yellow's Pikachu from the Nintendo Game Boy

Part two of an Ash & Pikachu two-piece set
Ash Ketchum can be found @ this [link]

Blue color painted too compliment and balance the bold yellow of Pikachu. The blue backdrop color matches with the blue back-pack in the first piece of the two.

Painted with brush atop a 10″x10″ inch cotton canvas board with A>2 Australian acrylics.

Created with much love, for a good friend of mine that got me into Pokemon games by kindly letting me borrow the first Pokemon game for Game Boy. :D

You can check out some of his works of art below!
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hey pikachu how to follow? (white 2)
codybishop's avatar
I think I may have to steal the set and dry hump them.
nintentofu's avatar
I'd say go for it. Just hope Will hasn't done so already. ;D Or, Wet humped them.. ^__^
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Why do you say that!? Not a big fan of Pikachu or Pokemon? ;D
Pathard's avatar
I love Pokemon. Pikachu, however, not so much.
nintentofu's avatar
Well I did paint an Ash to go along side him!  ;)
EKAH6's avatar
haha i remember that, getting pissed of at him following me i mean serriously GET IN THE FUCKING POKÉ BALL YOU YELLOW RAT! ^___^. nice work btw ;)<3
nintentofu's avatar
Thank you Ekah. : ) Although I'm sorry to have brought back such bad memories for you! ;D
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