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Nintendo Gamecube Promo

3D Modeled 'Nintendo Gamecube' Video Game Console constructed in SoftImage's XSI.

Textures and normal mapping are created from Digital Photos of my personal console.

Render created in AutoDesk's 3DSMax 8.

Model was created for use in the 'Half-Life 2' Source mod, "Garry's Mod 9".

Main Submission Page for Gamecube + Download.
* EDIT - UPDATED D/L LINK 7/18/2013 *
(should be working again, sorry!)

Skinned in,



Nintendo Company for making such an amazing system. ^___^

Modeled, UV-Mapped, Textured, Compiled, & Rendered by myself, Spencer Alec "nintentofu"
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skunkman707's avatar
I have a black gamecube
Sayori555's avatar

nice i have a sega genesis with bootleg games im not lying

Gregninja31's avatar
i will pay the red
SuperBroBrawlerKart's avatar
I'd pay big money for an orange GameCube.
QuantumInnovator's avatar
There was so many colors for the Nintendo 64 and the first generation of iMacs.  Why can't today's consoles be more colorful?
SuperBroBrawlerKart's avatar
Oh my god, I sure wish I had an orange gamecube!!
those gamecube colors aren't real? there went my dreams of having a red gamecube.
heathinvader's avatar
mine is light gray.
nintentofu's avatar
Nice!  The gamecube has to be the coolest looking console in years.  :)
meggietrainer's avatar
i love the gamecube , I still have mine <3333 platinum gamecube ;-; 
KataKazai's avatar
nintentofu's avatar
Same here, such an amazing console and best shape ever!  ;D  This was modeled and photo textured after my own Gamecube, which is the platinum one as well!  :D
LevelInfinitum's avatar
How I wish that all of these colours actually existed.  I would have killed for a green one.
nintentofu's avatar
Would be nice if Nintendo did more bright color mods like they used to, would have enjoyed a green one myself as well.  ;)
luigi1fan1's avatar
the gmod link is broked.
nintentofu's avatar
Thanks luigi1fan1,  Updated and Fixed the link!
valkiriforce's avatar
Switch the yellow and green and you've almost got Roy G. Biv.
nintentofu's avatar
This scene could really use a touch-up to be honest, been years since I've brought any of the models and materials into 3DSMax for rendering, etc.  Mainly my PC had went out on me a few years ago and had been using a temporary one for awhile that couldn't run all the programs and games, etc.  So had to put a lot of this digital stuff on hold.  Luckily was able to work a bit more on other projects so that's a good thing.  ;)  May have to create some new renders to include a wanted original blue skin and maybe a few other colors.  The skins themselves could use touch up also to be honest.  Thanks for the suggestion btw and may make a side render just for ya lol.  =P
I-Lov-ZaDr-and-Anime's avatar
I want the purple one!!!!
nintentofu's avatar
Same, and/or all..  =P
I-Lov-ZaDr-and-Anime's avatar
I want the red one now. lol
nintentofu's avatar
Haha!  Yeah the one is quite bold.  ;D
ViperVenom64's avatar
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