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[NES] Legend of Zelda - Link w/ Triforce | craft

[NES] Legend of Zelda
Underworld Series
Link Gaining Triforce
craft by nintentofu

Been working a bit on this and a few other bead projects lately, Will be doing a few more Legend of Zelda underworld series crafts, as well as an overworld piece and series in the works.  This craft is put together without glue, simply made to snap together and sit on display.  :)

The flooring, wall sprite and bombed wall sprite are original designs based off the main sprites in game.  The Triforce is an original sprite designed to add depth towards the main original Triforce in Legend of Zelda, but keep in main size and shape + color tones and value.  Redrew smaller versions in photoshop scaled down to half, because I felt it would look nicer and cute being miniaturized and not too huge!  The bombed wall sprite is designed as well based off the original looking door with much attention spent on recreating the same broken feel.

Hope some out there enjoy this, was a lot of fun to make and very satisfied with the first main 'prototype'  ;D  If you do like this craft and have a moment to comment, please do because I'd love to read your thoughts and/or suggestions on improvement or future crafts you'd like to see made!  :hug:

This also happens to fall upon my 200th submission onto the site and I'm happy and proud for it to be!  :D 

I've also made this craft open to all by creating a usable crafters-grid / pattern-sheet for anyone who's interested in making their own!

You can find it here, below!
[CRAFT] Legend of Zelda | Link w/ Triforce by nintentofu
Craft Pattern and Sprites

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That's cool!
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This is amazing, Nintentofu! :D (Big Grin) 

I love how ever little piece of your artwork is basically a pixel of the original Link from the 80s. I bet it takes a lot of patience to put all the pieces together, but it's definitely worth it, as the outcome is just awesome. One thing I'd like to know, though, is its size. Could you please take a picture of it with your hand next to it? Or maybe you could mention how big it is by measure of centimeters.

I'm a fan of the Zelda series myself, and back in 2012 I made a Zelda-themed card for someone. I took some pictures of it, which I used to keep in my hard drive, but unfortunately some punk broke into my house and stole my PC on September 2013. I deeply resent that act of burglary, especially because I had a ton of pictures of crafts I had worked on during 2012. Rage  I wish I could show them to you now. Oh well, c'est la vie.
Overall, it looks great, especially the photo on the left. That upper-view angle makes it look cooler. Clap And congratulations for your 200th submission!
BTW, please pardon my English. I'm not a native speaker. Waaaah!