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[NES] Legend of Zelda - Link Gaining the Triforce!

acrylic painting upon a 10"x14"inch edged-canvas

Been far too long since I've made any new Legend of Zelda art, and in honor of recently beating through the first LoZ again for the NES I thought it would be fun to do a commemorative piece!  :D

For this painting it was the first time I had ever used and experimented with an actual Golden pigment, and have to say it's quite the awesome tone and hope to find some more uses for it sooner than later!  ;D  This was also the first time I attempted to create a pixelated fading retro sorta looking'ish background, that I've wanted to try out on a painting for quite some time now.  Was difficult to get the color mixed into separate intermediate tones, but I'm definitely happy with the outcome and glad I went for this style other than a simple single-tone background.  Also felt it would be nice to try and highlight the triforce more, in hopes to add a sort of lighting effect that appears the triforce itself is giving off energy and lighting up the area. 

Hope many of you out there enjoy this piece, and hopefully if I can ever get through this terribly nightmare'ish Great Palace for the Adventures of Link.. there will be a painting in honor as well!  ;)
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how can I purchase this from you? Or pay for you to paint another?