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Legend of Zelda - Link and Birthday Cake!

[NES] Legend of Zelda

Link and Birthday Cake!

Been working on a few ideas for Holiday Cards lately starting a few months ago, and one of the first ones I envisioned was Link holding up a Triforce embellished into a Birthday Cake!
It hit me one day when staring at a painting I had done, how much the Triforce looks like a layered cake.   xD

At first I was messing around with many different versions, some with the triforce White with frosting detail, as well with standard looking b-day candles but they weren't seeming to tie in that well.

After much brainstorming then calming of the mind, it hit me!  I wanted to use the actual candles from the game itself and then adorn it with other items from the game!  The master sword sits atop the final layer of the cake, and the Triforce is actually made up of three standard Legend of Zelda triforces put together.  A shield rests along side the top layer as well, and then a Heart Container and Heart pieces on the second tier.  :)

The card itself is still in development, and also trying to figure out what I want upon the front of the card and insides in terms of backgrounds, wording, etc.  But so far I'm super pleased with the outcome of Link and the Triforce Cake!  It may see some revisions for the final version, but I feel it's pretty much done besides the card and other graphics themselves.  :)

If anyone would like to share ideas or advice on the card itself or this graphic, please feel free to do so!

Thank you!

Original Artwork Owned by Nintendo Co.
link and triforce birthday cake created and designed by nintentofu

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Thank you DFSergent!  Was hoping the Cake detailing wasn't too overloaded or gaudy.  Spent a good amount of time working on it trying to detail it well but keep it clean.

Thanks again, really happy that you love it!  :D
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There you go ! I made the PLZ accounts ^^
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Haha awesome!  It looks great and fits wonderfully!  Thank you for putting this together good sir!  Love how it retains it's crisp sharp edges look and that you included the Happy Birthday lettering.  :)   Will have to try adding one of these for a friend's next Bday!  :D

Thank you by the way for crediting me on the pages and keeping the info clean.  ;D  I wonder if nintentofu should also be spelled out though next to the ava credits?  Should be fine though, never really used much of these PLZ accounts for DA but I truly do thank you for thinking this artwork was decent enough for a series of them, especially again for taking the time to downsize the art and make the accounts!  Mighty kind of you, Ju43.  :)
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No Problem ^^
But I'm probably not going to change the text of the description anymore becuase then I would have to log in one account change the text then log out and that nine times ;_;
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Haha no problem at all, I could see that being a pain as well.  :P
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A PLZ of this would be great :D
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Haha, that would possibly be fun.  :)  Although I've never done any of those types of artworks across multiple accounts.  If you'd like to set one up perhaps, I wouldn't mind.  Just please if you may link credit to me upon them I'd be grateful!  ;D
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Well I think that would be awesome but I'm far too lazy to set multiple accounts up ;_;
(Maybe I'll do it in a week  or so xD)
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Tried unpiecing it into separate parts;  The triforce cake is about 6 or 5 square (5 if the sword top was just a single ava, but unsure how that would work or line up properly)  And then Link alone at his size would take up about 9 blocks.  ^_^  A bit much most likely haha.
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Ok I resized the picture and now it would only take 9 PLZ accounts.
But of course some of the details would be missing :/…
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Good Morning Ju43!

I think the downscale doesn't look bad actually, at least seems to retain most of the detail and is still understandable.  :)  9 isn't TOO bad I guess haha considering it's Link holding a Birthday Cake! ;D
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