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Excite Bike - NES - Run Set

Set dedicated in honor to the awesomeness that is Excite Bike for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Painted on 4"x6" inch canvas panel/boards using A>2 Australian made acrylics.

Nothing to fantastic, just some simple pieces that I really wanted to do and had some spare paint + canvas that needed loving. : )

I have already put together a composition of another Excite Bike series, that is going to have an Andy Warhol inspired feel. Should hopefully turn out well. ;D
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Ah mighty thanks, Satchito! You inspire me to create a feature journal cause it's been far too long since I've! :)
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Awesome! It's great to inspire others :)
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Very true, as it is to support one another in all positive situations!  ;D  I used to make Journals with features years back, but had been somewhat inactive from the site for awhile though would love to get back into featuring some of the works i've stumbled upon and grown to love on the site.  ;)
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That's great! Good work
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Thanks Trebeck, glad you like them even though they are very simple paintings.  :)
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Haha i love this so much!
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;D Thanks Noise-Less. That means a lot to me coming from you.

Are you a huge Excite Bike fan? I painted these for no real reason, and if you really like them, I am willing to send them to you. All of my paintings are created for this reason, so just let me know. ;D
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