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[CRAFT] Legend of Zelda | Link w/ Triforce

Nintendo's Legend of Zelda

[Underworld Series]
Link Gaining Triforce

beadcraft design & pattern by nintentofu

No-Glue Required!
Craft Snaps Together

#1. Side Bombed Wall
#2. Back Normal Wall
#3. Tiled Flooring
#4. Link w/ Floor Pegs

Pegs on Link's feet
will fit into base of #3
re-placing floor tiles

Free to use pattern for all who are interested in making!  If you enjoy this, please feel free to add a comment or suggestions!
Also if you have any questions at all about the craft or help with building, you're always welcome to ask here or send me a note/comment. 

Hope people enjoy this craft and have no troubles in the build process!  I find that if you try and not melt the beads too heavily, they seem to snap better into place and you don't have to struggle with it.  Though remember you still want your beads to melt to one another, just don't overdo it!  :)

See this craft made, below!

[NES] Legend of Zelda - Link w/ Triforce | craft by nintentofu

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Nice :D, go perfect use for iron on bead which i LOVE and havent used much since the early 90's as a kid XD
nintentofu's avatar
Thanks Abel!  :D  Was hoping people would enjoy this, had been geeking out on a lot of these bead crafts lately and keychains, etc.  Sort of needed a small break from painting haha though have been working on a new acrylic painting off and on still, just trying to enjoy a small break from the meticulous brush work.  ^_^
Grilby's avatar
GEEK AWAY :3 i have the original NES from when my mom was a kid and the same one i played on the shelf with the cartridge in it :D
waiting to boot it up ^.^
nintentofu's avatar
Do it man!  I've been heavily geeking out lately on the LoZ series..  Played through the first two for NES, then just beat A Link to the Past for SNES like 2 days ago.  Although I'm skipping Link's Awakening for right now till later, I'm now back to replaying through Ocarina of Time on the N64.  ^_^
Grilby's avatar
XD YES im glad im not the ONLY one who has that game and console,
i almost squeed to death because i saw linkt to the past for only 25 bucks
dor 64 at a local game store :O
nintentofu's avatar
Sometimes you can get lucky at a used book store / electronics store on video games when they sell them cheap cause they aren't aware of rarity.  Sheesh, Paper Mario and some other 64 games are still 40 dollars in a game store haha.
Grilby's avatar
oh IKR? people undervalue them 
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