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Bubble Bobble Mini Wall Rug

over a month ago, I bought some rug work materials. this was the first mini-rug I've created so far since, but am not completely satisfied with it. the mini-rug is hooked 1 yarn for every 1 pixel, so it ends up not being as detailed or distinct looking as I hoped it would. so.. I've been working on a larger version of the same rug, using 4x4 pieces of yarn for every 1 pixel. the next rug will literally be four times as big. not sure how it will turn out, but I have high hopes. ^__^

anyways, I finished this rug about a month ago, and hadn't submitted a pic of it. but, i wanted to share it with you all and give you the heads up on the upcoming bob rug. :D
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I think it looks cute!
Your house must be full of nintendo stuff!
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Thank you MissYoshi. And indeed my house is full of random nintendo things. ^__^ Although mostly everything that create I give to family and friends. So there isn't as much as I'd hope to have. :D
MisSYosHi's avatar
Ooooh! I thought for sure it looked like a nintendo museum!
nintentofu's avatar
Hehe. Perhaps a tiny nintendo museum. ^__^
Colourcopy's avatar
you do like bubble bobble! nice!
nintentofu's avatar
Very much so! ;D
triscuitbox's avatar
aww the rug you were speaking of

cchhhhaaa how rad
nintentofu's avatar
Yup, it's the one! :D & only. ^__^
Promessa1125's avatar
simply adorable! :D
nintentofu's avatar
: ) Thank you Promessa. ;D
squidlarkin's avatar
:D That's great! Awesome idea! Man, I can't wit to see the bigger one!
nintentofu's avatar
Thanks squidlarkin! ;D Happy to see your anxious for the mega-rug! :D
bakkeby's avatar
The image is rather over-exposed, but the rug looks awesome. I love how it looks so fluffy :D
nintentofu's avatar
Yeah, I took it with the camera on my phone and it isn't that great with lighting. :( It at least captures the idea of it. ;D And it's fluffiness. ^__^
Pathard's avatar
Haha! Awesome man!Can't wait to see the giant rug! :XD: The mini looks awesome!
nintentofu's avatar
Thank you Pathard. I'll let you know upon it's arrival. ^__^
Noise-Less's avatar
OOh thats a neat idea !!!
nintentofu's avatar
Good to see you think so. : )
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