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Bubble Bobble File Cabs Render

render showcase of the bubble bobble file cabinets created for cs:source w/ use in cs_office.

Created about a year ago and uploaded to for anyone to download.

download [link] <--


Valve, for default skin and normal maps.

Nintendo Company for original Bubble Bobble 2 Art.

Skin, Layout, Composition, Design, Compile & Render by nintentofu.

hopefully someday soon I will actually create one of these for an actual file cab. ;D
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:)  Thanks Magginus, really appreciate the comment.
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This is all kinds of awesome :)
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Haha big thanks Amnesia, glad you feel so!  ;)
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Thanks Ollusionista.  :)
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oh my god, that is utterly amazing. I'd love to have one of those. :D
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Haha thank you so much dxgirlxdance.  :)   Kind comment.
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those are fantastic I wish I could have one XD
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Thank you Gingler. I'm currently in the process of seeking a license to actually somehow create / sell / distribute merchandise of this nature, without the fun times of being sued. So hopefully in the future these will actually be real life cabinets. : )
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this is seriously bad ass. if i had an office job, id def paint my cabinet like that
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I'd for sure love to see them in real life. ;D So if you get that desk job and create one, definitely shoot me a pic. ^__^
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well i def dont need a desk job to do this (nor will i ever have one!). but if i come across a random file cabinet that i can get for cheap, you just might see this done in traditional form :)
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Awesome. Be sure to let me know. ; )
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Those cabinets would look great in an office, or even a game room :)
nintentofu's avatar
Good to read you feel the same! ;D I've been thinking of making stencils or large stickers that could be applied to any file cabinet, although if I do create them, most likely it will be only the middle and far right ones only. Making a stencil for the left one would most likely be pretty difficult. -___-
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Thank you bchan. : ) Much appreciation for your comment.
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