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Bubble Bobble 2 - Hearts

Bub from Bubble Bobble 2!

Painted with Daler~Rowney System 3 Acrylics on a 10"x10" inch semi-cheap canvas (note the near-perfect square shape, lol) ^___^

I had been working on this one for a lot longer then I most likely should have been spending on it. Although, it was the first Pixel Art painting I had ever started working on and also painted it for my heart-filled sister Meagan Rae (for which whom I care dearly about). <3

We use to play Bubble Bobble together as children and I really wanted to make something for her since I love her so muches. ;D

It isn't the greatest piece, and a few spaces are a tad clumpy with paint. But, I had to learn to paint sometime. ^___^ The pixels are less then a quarter inch in size, so it was even more difficult making crisp edges when working with such small pixels.

My next Bubble Bobble painting will definitely be done with larger pixels and hopefully will turn out a little better. Now that I have a little more practice with a brush n paint. ;D

I wish I could have taken a better picture of this. I was unable to scan it for a nice white background because it was a little to large for my scanner.

Original Artwork copyright by Taito & Nintendo Company.
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that's cute, but you already know that
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;D Thank you Promessa. Good to read that you find it cute. ^__^ I hope my sister thinks the same.. (I have yet to send it to her, because I am still finishing the varnish job) -___- Which is never a fun moment..
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It's awesome! I wish I got a gift like this from my brother. Great job
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Thank you Kricket. ;D It could have turned out a little better, mainly if I had used better canvas.. :( But, for overall I am happy with the outcome. It also gave me some good practice for some of the pieces I am working on now.

Thanks again for your comments Kricket. : ) Much appreciation.
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you tape off right?
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Yup, most of the time I start out by taping off one of the colors in the pixel art's border. Then, after painting the border color, I remove the tape and will paint in freehand since I have something to work off of. This way, it helps me to keep the painting somewhat in scale / rule to each other pixel.

It can end up to be a tedious job, but usually it's for the best in the long run. ;D
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OMG. awwwww (sorry for yelling btw...
this is so sweet. :)
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;D Hakuna matata. I don't mind the shouting. :)
And also thank you very much my friendly triscuitbox. ^___^ I am really glad that you enjoy it.
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