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Ash Ketchum

Pokémon Yellow's Ash Ketchum from the Nintendo Game Boy

Part one of an Ash & Pikachu two-piece set
Pikachu can be found @ this [link]

Green color painted too compliment the vibrant red of Ash's cap. The blue back-pack color matches with the blue backdrop of the second piece of the two.

Painted with brush atop a 10″x10″ inch cotton canvas board with A>2 Australian acrylics.

Created with much love, for a good friend of mine that got me into Pokemon games by kindly letting me borrow the first Pokemon game for Game Boy. :D

You can check out some of his works of art below!
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I absolutely love the color green that you used. My bedroom walls used to be that color. :) This is pretty spiffy... it brings back so many memories!
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Much thanks Aceman. : )
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LoL! Ash! Finally!
nintentofu's avatar
^__^ Seriously! Too many things have been going on lately, and I hadn't had much time to finish them.
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It's good to see you're still working on stuff though. Take your time.
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I like your two new Pokémon paintings, very minimalistic and they go very well together.
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I appreciate your message bakkeby. : ) I hoped for them to match well with one another, and I tried creating the backdrops to be complimentary of the main bold colors of each character.
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Do you have more paintings planned btw?
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looks awesome! havn't heard from you in a while!
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Thank you Colourcopy. Sorry to be so inactive lately, many things have been going on and unfortunetaly I haven't had much time to post, reply or comment as much as I'd hope too! :( Glad you like this piece though. : ) It's good to read your comments. ;D Thanks again.
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no problem! i like your new avartar as well!
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man that game was awesome, i had pokémon blue to my GBC but sadly in my young foolish days and my bad memmory i some how lost it, and I've turnet upside my house can not find it for the life of god, but a few years ago i mannage to find my mates brother's friend who sold me pokémon yellow for like 1 dollar ;D. Rad stuff keep em comming ;D
nintentofu's avatar
I cannot stand misplacing things around the house! It's very frustrating trying to tear apart rooms and dressers just to find one thing that you have no idea where it's placed! ^__^
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