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30 years of Luigi!

By Nintendrawer
Like I wasn't going to do something for THIS year ;b

:bulletgreen::bulletblue: June 1st, 1983 was the release date of the arcade classic, "Mario Bros.," and it was Luigi's first appearance. Just a simple color swap to inculde a 2nd Player, Luigi since then has grown into his own character with a personality of his own, making himself very different from his famous brother. Back in February, Nintendo themselves ( in a direct ) declaired that 2013 would be known as the "Year of Luigi", marking his 30 years in gaming. :) :bulletgreen::bulletblue:

Believe it or not, I came up with the idea for this pic a few years ago, during the 25th anniversay of Super Mario Bros. on the NES. I saw a few tribute pics for it, and a year later I believe, a 30th of Mario and Donkey Kong from my friend, =JamesmanTheRegenold. So I wanted to do something for my favorite man in green :) Oddly enough, Nintendo went and pulled this special year thing. Just when you think they don't care about ol' Luigi, eh? ;p

I had *saiiko help me with putting the photo and text in here ( pic was taken by me though~ ) made some good use out of that old Luigi plush huh? XD There were originally 28 Luigis drawn, but last min I forgot about dealer Luigi, then I realized, "...I might as well make it 30...". So that's where Wrecking crew Luigi came in ;) I wasn't aware that he was in the 98 version of the game until now. So all in all it works out quite nicely lol.

Each represents a different game/series or other form of media in the Mario franchise. Check out the list below if you'd like! Enjoy, everyone! :aww:

**left to right**

:star: Bottom :star:

1. Mario & Luigi series- Mario & Luigi: Super Star Saga **2003**

2. Anime- Super Mario Bros.: The Great Mission to Save Princess Peach! **1986**

3. Main series- Super Mario Bros **1985**

4. Just normal Luigi ;D

5. Debut- Mario Bros. **1983**

6. Manga- Super Mario-Kun **1991**

7. Cartoon series- Super Mario Bros. Super Show **1989**

:star: Right :star:

8. Super Mario Galaxy series- Boo Luigi **2007**

9. Luigi's Mansion series- Vacuum Luigi **2001**

10. Comics- Super Mario Adventures **1992**

11. Mario is missing ( DOS )/Internet meme- Weegee **1992**

12. Mario Kart series- Mario Kart 64 **1996**

13. Super Mario 3D Land- Kitsune Luigi **2011**

14. Mario & Sonic series- Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games **2007**

15. New Super Mario Bros.series- NSMB2 Silver Luigi **2012**

:star: Top :star:

16. Super Mario 64 DS- Dealer Luigi **2004**

17. Wrecking crew '98 **1998**

18. Super Smash Bros. **1999**

19. Mario Party series- Mario Party 2, Spaceman Luigi **2000**

20. Mario Sports Mix/ Sluggers **2011**

21/22. Paper Mario series- Super Paper Mario, Mr. L/ Paper Luigi **2007**

23. Super Mario Strikers series- Striker Luigi **2005**

24. Mario Tennis series- Mario's Tennis**1995**

:star: Left :star:

25. Mario Golf series- NES Open Tournament Golf **1991**

26. Yoshi's Island series- Yoshi's island DS **2006**

27. Game & Watch series- Game & Watch gallery 3- Mario Bros. **1999**

28. Main series- Super Mario World **1991**

29. Main series- Super Mario Bros. 3 **1990**

30. Main series- Super Mario Bros. 2 USA **1988**
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There missing Danny Wells (Real Luigi) and John Leguizamo (Movie Luigi)

xXMaxwellthebadassXx's avatar
That's mama Luigi to you, mario
XenomorphProductions's avatar
What about Danny Wells and John Leguizamo?
sergi1995's avatar
Happy Birthday 35th Luigi! Luigi-Exit 3 Fancy Cake 50x50 icon  
6fangirl09's avatar
the second plushie is the one i have right next to me right now
Zer0Cute's avatar
Oh Luigi. Can't get enough of 'em
Kiro-Kurusu's avatar
Luigi was always my Nr. 1 of the Twins
PokemonNerd98's avatar
I have that Luigi plush on the right
Alexhood456's avatar
GOOD WAY TO YELL LUIGI!!!!!!!!! And Try Classic Shell:
ghostbusters5's avatar
Great Job on the art style!
IV0RYCR0W's avatar
Oh my, you have even included Weegee from Mario is Missing and blue-and-yellow Luigi from that Mario anime film! Looks awesome! :D
Ethnictendo's avatar
Actually, if you count the plushes, it's 32 Luigis. 😜
MarioMaster123456's avatar

Daisy: wow!

OMG I like it, my two favorite characters are Luigi, and Peach!
DaisyDrops's avatar
Yay Luigi! You go girl 😂😂😂
MarioMaster123456's avatar
..... Luigi is a boy.
Ethnictendo's avatar
That's the joke. 😂
Ethnictendo's avatar
Then why did you seem confused?
LuigiLana117's avatar
I LOVE YOU LUIGI! =) ;p ;)
Clockspur's avatar
Oh Luigi, what would we have done without you?Love 
pugs4lfe's avatar
And we all can't forget weegie XD
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
I love Luigi! I know Mario is older than him.
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