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30 years of Luigi!



Like I wasn't going to do something for THIS year ;b

:bulletgreen::bulletblue: June 1st, 1983 was the release date of the arcade classic, "Mario Bros.," and it was Luigi's first appearance. Just a simple color swap to inculde a 2nd Player, Luigi since then has grown into his own character with a personality of his own, making himself very different from his famous brother. Back in February, Nintendo themselves ( in a direct ) declaired that 2013 would be known as the "Year of Luigi", marking his 30 years in gaming. :) :bulletgreen::bulletblue:

Believe it or not, I came up with the idea for this pic a few years ago, during the 25th anniversay of Super Mario Bros. on the NES. I saw a few tribute pics for it, and a year later I believe, a 30th of Mario and Donkey Kong from my friend, =JamesmanTheRegenold. So I wanted to do something for my favorite man in green :) Oddly enough, Nintendo went and pulled this special year thing. Just when you think they don't care about ol' Luigi, eh? ;p

I had *saiiko help me with putting the photo and text in here ( pic was taken by me though~ ) made some good use out of that old Luigi plush huh? XD There were originally 28 Luigis drawn, but last min I forgot about dealer Luigi, then I realized, "...I might as well make it 30...". So that's where Wrecking crew Luigi came in ;) I wasn't aware that he was in the 98 version of the game until now. So all in all it works out quite nicely lol.

Each represents a different game/series or other form of media in the Mario franchise. Check out the list below if you'd like! Enjoy, everyone! :aww:

**left to right**

:star: Bottom :star:

1. Mario & Luigi series- Mario & Luigi: Super Star Saga **2003**

2. Anime- Super Mario Bros.: The Great Mission to Save Princess Peach! **1986**

3. Main series- Super Mario Bros **1985**

4. Just normal Luigi ;D

5. Debut- Mario Bros. **1983**

6. Manga- Super Mario-Kun **1991**

7. Cartoon series- Super Mario Bros. Super Show **1989**

:star: Right :star:

8. Super Mario Galaxy series- Boo Luigi **2007**

9. Luigi's Mansion series- Vacuum Luigi **2001**

10. Comics- Super Mario Adventures **1992**

11. Mario is missing ( DOS )/Internet meme- Weegee **1992**

12. Mario Kart series- Mario Kart 64 **1996**

13. Super Mario 3D Land- Kitsune Luigi **2011**

14. Mario & Sonic series- Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games **2007**

15. New Super Mario Bros.series- NSMB2 Silver Luigi **2012**

:star: Top :star:

16. Super Mario 64 DS- Dealer Luigi **2004**

17. Wrecking crew '98 **1998**

18. Super Smash Bros. **1999**

19. Mario Party series- Mario Party 2, Spaceman Luigi **2000**

20. Mario Sports Mix/ Sluggers **2011**

21/22. Paper Mario series- Super Paper Mario, Mr. L/ Paper Luigi **2007**

23. Super Mario Strikers series- Striker Luigi **2005**

24. Mario Tennis series- Mario's Tennis**1995**

:star: Left :star:

25. Mario Golf series- NES Open Tournament Golf **1991**

26. Yoshi's Island series- Yoshi's island DS **2006**

27. Game & Watch series- Game & Watch gallery 3- Mario Bros. **1999**

28. Main series- Super Mario World **1991**

29. Main series- Super Mario Bros. 3 **1990**

30. Main series- Super Mario Bros. 2 USA **1988**
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Luigi faz aniversário no dia primeiro de junho