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Anybody playing Octopath Traveler? If so, who did you start with? :) 

687 deviants said I'm not playing Octopath Traveler :shrug:
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30 deviants said Ophilia
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Yo, I'm Mo~ :dummy:

-----June 14, 2018-----

Hey everyone,

I'll make this a quick entry. :|....Been back to work now for a month, and eh, it started out alright, but now things are getting to me. Feels like I'm walking on egg I'm stressed, upset and overall just unsure what to do. Simply put, I feel like crap.

I haven't been able to sit and work on comics these passed few weeks, cause I have a good chunk of commissions to work on still. I took too many this time, so I'm sorry for going at a slugs pace :(  I have all your notes and I will reply soon...

*sigh* I feel like such a broken record with this stuff. Eventually these comics will be finished and I don't have to keep updating you guys on them. Kinda embarrassed with how long this has been going on :depressed:

Anyways..thanks for reading ^^;

-----May 13, 2018-----

Hey guys, :wave:

Quickie journal to spread the word for my friend, :iconsaccharokirby: (Doodledstars, that she is taking part in an art collaboration for charity.They are selling a Super Mario Odyssey art book, and pre-orders are open until May 26th for anyone who is interested. :)

All details are here :star:… :star: If you're not interesting in buying, spreading the word helps too. ;)

Thanks for reading! :thanks:

-----March 29, 2018-----

Hey, everyone~

Just a new journal update on things now that it's spring and all. As some might have noticed, I have been doing some spring cleaning of my own here. I feel so much lighter with a smaller message count....though I still have 100+ things left to get to ;~;


With hitting my 10th anniversary on DA last year, I have wanted and gradually started to interact with a few of you guys more, either here or on Twitter. The best I can anyways...there's no way to chat to everyone and I know I'm not obligated to, but I felt with the amount of support given to me over the years and just people hanging here still, considering DA isn't as lively as it used to be, why not? It's something I wanna work on personally, so here's hoping I can get back to messages and gifts in a timely manner instead of 2+ years later :XD: I may add more people on Twitter than here though, cause I find Twitter just easier to take in and not become over whelming for me. It's all enjoyable/interesting bits to read on the go.

I do have other things that I wanted to do eventually, but with my ankle being busted and all, things had to be put on hold a little longer...:P 

Pateron is something I wanna set up by the end of this year. I plan on getting a new desktop and I even rearranged my room for it, so I am serious on getting that done. Rewards are all thought up, but I may add or tweek things a little and they will be for a reasonable amount. Not gonna lie, what held me back on starting was the simple idea of failure...but, I think now it's just better to give it a try. It could work, or it'll fall flat. I'll have a new computer, so that's something lol. Also the extra workload scared me too :O

As for comics, I have put together a schedule (well, in my head, not actually down on paper :P) to get things done and have more updates through out the year. If I work on panels everyday, even just a bit, I can get a page up within 4-6 weeks, 8 at most. However, after each upload I will take a 2 week break to work on smaller stuff (other pics/mini comics) along with a commission or two. Originally for alternating I was going to do two SMB updates, and one MzM, but I think for now I will do one each, because I would like to have MzM done by the end of next year. Twitter is where I update my progress and it'll just be on my front page if you wanna take a peek without having to follow me there, or just ask me I guess, lol.

All this stuff has been up in head for quite sometime, sharing my ideas with friends and whatnot, but it's better if I put to a journal, so I can look back at it and keep myself motivated to reach these goals. I will open a poll here and on Twitter about Pateron because I would like to get an idea on how many people would be interested.

So yeah...4 more weeks at home, lol.

Thanks for reading :XD:
Hey everyone,

An unfortunate event has happened to my friend, :iconcometstardraggin: and her sis, :iconlilacphoenix:, they were evicted from their home and lost everything. They need help raising money to get back on their feet and replace what they had lost.

This is a very saddening situation...I can't imagine how hard this must be on the if you guys would like to help, :iconlilacphoenix: is taking commissions to raise some money,  if you don't have any extra cash, please spread the word, not only on DA, but possibly on other social media sites that you're on as well. Anything helps :(

Details for commissions are in the link below (top tabs in the journal)…

Thanks for reading!


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P.S. Bonjour Nintendrawer ^-^ 
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is it okay for me to use your Mario fan characters for something?
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Hey how r you?! I just want to say have you heard about the new super Mario Bros deluxe? And also have you heard about the whole bowsette stuff going around? Ha ha I think it's pretty cool! (Just want to hear opinion about it and stuff)
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Hey if you become really good at this, You can probably do one of those 'ask' things on Tumbler
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Hey~ ;v;
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Hi, Nintendrawer.🙋
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Finally. Hi Monica. I'm a big fan of your art and actually you were the first deviant person I've seen. I look forward to tracing some of your art.

(If that's ok with you.)Shrug   
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Hi are you open for comissions?
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Glad to see you're still making art after all these years : )
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Do you still make commissions?
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