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Thanks for every fave, watch, llama, or kind comment! Even if I can't make it to replying to them all, they are very much appreciated~

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I'm opening up drawn-art* commissions to help me buy a new laptop to replace my old and aging one! It can't detect the Wifi in my classroom, which is really bad for taking notes...

:target: Some Terms and Conditions (Please read these before commissioning me) :target:
:bulletblue: To hire me, please reach me at Include something like "art commission" or "art quote" in the subject to minimize the chance I accidentally overlook your email. Although I think I'll open a Twitter for this, I'm not sure whether I'll respond to their DMs faster yet.
:bulletblue: I only accept full payment through PayPal up front. I will invoice you and charge 3.2% above the asking price to account for PayPal’s fees.
:bulletblue: Every week/whenever they fill up, I will have 4-5 slots (2 Belts maximum) and aim for a 1-week turnaround time (delivery on Sundays).
:bulletblue: If interest permits, I will also create a 5-slot waitlist. I will accept 1 Belt and 1-2 Busts per commission round from the waitlist. Clients farther down the list may have to wait until the next cycle to be drawn.
:bulletblue: Please send me an image-based character reference when ordering from me. This includes reference sheet (for my MMD followers, this does not have to be drawn), clear full-body image (e.g. the character can be doing any other pose as long as I can see their entire front side), color palette, pose(s), and expression. Text descriptions are okay, but I will only be taking one of those per round of commissions.
:bulletblue: Because I can be indecisive at times too, you may show me up to three pose references; I will pick my favorite from the three.
:bulletblue: I may send you WIPs through GMail to make sure I'm doing what you want me to. Failure to respond within 1 month may result in your job being canceled.
:bulletred: You are not allowed to redistribute or sell the commissioned piece anywhere. Reselling the art in any way shape or form is not allowed. You are not allowed to crop out the watermark, unless you are using the art for personal use such as icons.
:bulletred: Rules, prices, and offerings may change as needed. Please note that I have a right to refuse commissions if I want to.

Will draw:
—Ships (only available as a "Belt" option or as a dual commission (e.g. two Busts or two Belts))
—Human(oid)s (things like angels, mermaids, centaurs, and human-like mechas (e.g. not old Transformers or Gundams) are okay; non-human body parts count as Details and will be charged accordingly)
—Environments (counts as Details and will be charged accordingly)

Won't draw:
—Full-bodies (at least, not until I get the hang of balancing school and everything else)
—Furries (due to lack of skill ^^;)

—Complicated environments

More things may be added here if I think of them.

Prices (reprinted from image in case you can't see):
Busts (head and shoulders; may end at a convenient accessory, e.g. scarf, cape, or off-shoulder top)
:bulletblue: Lineart: $10
:bulletblue: Flats: $20
:bulletblue: Full Color: $30
:bulletblue: Details (e.g. complex designs/accessories, nonhuman body parts, complex background): +$10

Belts (head to hips; includes hand poses; may end at a convenient accessory, e.g. belts)
:bulletblue: Lineart: $25
:bulletblue: Flats: $35
:bulletblue: Full Color: $50
:bulletblue: Details: +$20

Simple backgrounds (e.g. solid, gradient, or simple repeating pattern) are included. Anything more complex will incur the Detail bonus charge.

My first goal is $1200 to account for the laptop + tax, but depending on interest, I may keep this up longer!

Now, without further ado, the commission info sheet! I look forward to earning your business! :love:

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