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Hello, fellow otakus! Just letting you know I AM still alive... however my lack of posts is a result of a personal quota I prefer to meet for people liking and adding my posts to their collections.

For me, possibly until the end of time, my "fave-quota" is a simple 10 favorites; it's the lowest number for going into double digits, it tells me people are paying attention (and are hopefully enjoy) my content, and what I'm doing is right.

But every time I step out of what I'll call "the animated GIF bubble," I'm far less likely to reach 10 faves per post. No joke, how fast an anime GIF receives attention is far different than my live-action GIFs; my live-action GIFs are a disgraceful, underappreciated slogfest. I'm just a little sensitive about it all because it's honestly a little more difficult to make some of these live-action GIFs with the best possible quality I can get; it just feels like the effort is a little underappreciated.

Look, I get it, the lot of us are basement-dwelling otakus that may or may not own either cardboard cutouts or body-pillows of our oh-so-cherished waifus... but sometimes we gotta remember that our cute-footed animated babes are intangible. That's why I've got some live-action into the mix! Lemme just briefly say that Dan Schneider is a sick, pedophile bastard... but he made some memorable foot scenes in the live-action sitcoms that really hit home with me during my early teen years. I really wanted to share stuff like that (and more!) with you guys, but not enough people seemed to be interested in them.

So from this point forward, no more live-action GIFs. Don't know if I'll ever go back on this decision, but for the time being, they don't belong on my gallery.

Fret not, the ones already posted will still remain in my gallery, just there will be no more live-action GIFs... forever? Again, I don't know, but they're not high enough in demand for me to bother posting any more of them.

SPEAKING of posts in my gallery... I've still got several that I want for them to meet my 10-fave-quota. I went back through my gallery and I discovered a few ANIMATION GIFs that were below 10 likes, one of which was one featuring my barefoot waifu gym leader, Maylene! FOR SHAME ON THOSE WHO DISRESPECT THE PINK-HAIRED BAREFOOT WAIFU. For shame...

Anyways, here's the list with the number of current faves each respective post has at the time of me writing this journal:
  • Rapunzel 7:4 faves (yeah, maybe there's motion blur, but I designed this one to look like she's swinging forever without drawing attention to the first and last frames of the GIF. Side note, Rapunzel is my non-anime waifu, so DOUBLE SHAME!!)
  • Rapunzel 12: 8 faves (I guess there are not 2 guys out in the world who are into bondage...)
  • Bonnie Takes a Closer Look: 9 faves (to whoever is just being the ONE bystander to not liking barefoot Bonnie, A POX ON YOUR HOUSEHOLD!)
  • [GIF] Zendaya: Rocky's Summer of Fun: 8 faves (it may not seem like much, but this has two things I love dearly: being being Zendaya Coleman herself, the other being Zendaya's [SOCKLESS] bare feet fresh out of those cute, pink sneakers. Side note, I am [irrationally] in love with Zendaya)
  • [GIF] Zendaya: Hospital Bed Pedi (1 / 2): 8 faves (c'mon guys, look at those soft little toesies!)
  • [GIF] Zendaya: Hospital Bed Pedi (2 / 2): 6 faves (she really flexes her sole here; I just wanna throw this out here: Zendaya is someone I wished I could personally bond with so my feelings for her could be rationalized rather than remain what can only be described as a mere celebrity crush)
  • [GIF] Maylene: We Tech Those: 8 faves (SHAME!! It just takes 2 guys to fix this!)
  • [GIF] Gong-shil's Pink Pump: 9 faves (well here we are again, the underappreciated Master's Sun collection. One guy? Please?)
  • [GIF] Gong-shil: Forgotten Footwear: 8 faves (c'mon, dudes! It's a Cinderella-dropped-her-shoe moment!)
  • [GIF] Gong-shil: Safe... for the Time Being: 6 faves (it's a nice top-down angle of her standing one-shoe'd in the elevator after frantically running away from a ghost)
  • [GIF] Gong-shil Fleeing from the Elevator: 4 faves (okay, I can understand as to why this one is not the best of the bunch, but I wanted a GIF depicting her running towards the camera; you can at least see the silhouette of Gong-shil's naked right foot as she sprints on the polished flooring)
  • [GIF] Sheepish, Shy, and One-Shoe'd: 5 faves (okay, this has to be said: are you guys blind? This is literally one of the best foot scenes from this episode. How the HELL is this GIF so neglected?! This episode is so foot-focused that I question how some guys on here call themselves foot-lovers)
  • Lastly, [GIF] Yoon-hee's Desperate Dash: 8 faves (once again, a Cinderella-dropped-her-shoe moment. It's even more tragic because this poor and beautiful girl is doomed to die. When she loses her shoe, she is reveal to have cute little green toesies, all the more reason why her death is so tragic... and TWO PEOPLE couldn't give a damn to pay their respects!!)
Finally done naming all those neglected and overlooked posts... y'all know what to do now...

So before I end off this journal, two things:
  1. I won't be updating this journal with current faves left for each post (so it's best to assume that they are at that number whenever you initially read this)
  2. You'll know when each post's "quota" has been fulfilled WHEN I start posting GIF content again; but if just ONE of these posts remains below 10 faves, you'll barely hear a peep from me
Just wanna let you know I've still got a treasure trove of unreleased GIFs I've been dying to share with the world, but the world has gotta show me that they want it.

Well? What are you waiting for?!


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United States
I am the furthest thing from an artist. Sorry!


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Thanks for the faves!!
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Thank you, asrialfeeple :D BTW I sent you the sketch. :)
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You're welcome.
It never hurts to point somebody with requests towards somebody with affordable commissions.
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Hey there,

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Nintendorkly Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2018
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hey dude, sorry about that RP question, i actually thought you were someone else, my bad
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Hey it's fine dude. Though be a little wary of the passion for Bonnie, it sounded a little lusty. Like steamy lusty Sweating a little...
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