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ik this is a plz account but, I now forgive you.

You weren't responsible for the takedowns, some impersonator of yours is

Nintendo's Bizarre Adventure part 1: Wii U: I can’t beat that Switch out of you getting closer | Nintendo Switch: oh you approaching me Wii U

:iconnintendoplz:*Snaps fingers*
:iconsouljaboyplz::iconsaysplz: Fanboys...I don't feel so good
And Then...
How about rebooting Krystal with how she and Star Fox met and all that stuff, since you rebooted the whole series(AGAIN)But bring back Miyu Lynx and Fay Spaniel too, as well as introducing the Hot Rodders into the games?(KoolXKatt and BillXFay ftw......make these and MouserXMiyu happen, please!!)You can also introduce my similarly named Lylatian counterpart Kimiko Swift!(Species wise, she's a mix between the Swift--a type of bird--and a Lyrebird)She's also part robot and all heroine(lost her arms to a freak accident--she saved her little brother Sora, losing her arms and legs in the process. Unfortunately, her parents weren't as lucky to survive)Oh, and maybe introduce Falco's family? His mother Winona, little sister Feline, deceased father Toronto and older brother Raphael(who changed his name to Aku, but that's another story)

How Team Star Fox meets Kimiko: She gets caught up in a crossfire between Andrew Oikonny's forces and the Cornerian Army while training with her kid brother. Kimiko saves Sora but ends up getting captured as a result. Oikonny then uses her to power his ship. Luckily, Fox and his friends are able to save her and beat the crazed chimp without bringing any harm to the half-bird, half-robot. but the victory's cut short when an Aparoid appears out of nowhere and shoots Oikonny out of the sky before attacking Star Fox. Fox and company manage to fight back, but that was only the beginning--more Aparoids were coming, and boy, were they steamed! Fox takes the Core Memory and returns to the Great Fox while Falco helps the Swifts(Kimiko and her family)escape. Falco and Kimiko have each sustained an injury or two, but the new girl's primary concern is her little brother, along with the rest of her relatives. Luckily they're all OK. After getting better aquainted(however that's spelled)Kimiko and Sora agree to join the Star Fox crew in exchange for saving their home planets from the Aparoids. But during their SOS mission on Katina, the birds' wounds appear to have gotten worse--Kimiko's upper left leg and Falco's right arm throb uncontrollably for a moment or two, until the giant leader of the attack appears out of the sky. Then the throbbing pain settles down. After saving Katina(only to have their second Core Memory stolen by Pigma Dengar)the gang all meets back up at the mothership to have the injuries checked. ROB/NUS 64 gets a DNA sample from each of the birds(Falco and Kimiko)before Peppy discovers tthat Pigma's trail leads to an illegal hideout. Fox and his friends infiltrate the hideout only to be interrupted by Star Wolf, who then announces that Pigma was kicked out of their group. Angry that they had wasted their time for nothing, Kimiko pounds away at a wall until it's completely reduced to rubble. Worried for her well-being, Slippy tries to comfort Kimiko but she simply responds thatas long as she "can still strangle the damn swine or an Aparoid, she would be fine......but the wounds seem to prove otherwise......Unfortunately the DNA testing would come back with grim results......Falco's and Kimiko's wounds appear to have been infected; Aparoid infections. Kimiko's face goes pale, and she nearly passes out. Falco catches her though before she hits the floor. After Kimiko, Fox and Sora deactivate the Climate Control Center's shield, they stop the blizzard on Fichina......but now there's an even bigger problem. The alarms went off, and the Sentry Bots are attacking! Thankfully the trio are able to survive long enough for Falco to arrive and help them out. Unfortunately, it would turn out that the Sentry Bots were actually brainwashed by the Aparoids! Apparently, the Aparoids can "take over other machines," according to Slippy. And to make matters worse, of all people who could be pulling the strings, it was Pigma! That would have to wait though, without the Climate Control Center, they'd never be able to stop blizzards again! The Center was overloading, which meant all of Fichina was doomed if they don't stop the explosion! They prevent the overload with just one second left to spare. But the trouble ain't over yet--the next morning the Star Fox Team discover a couple of notes(one Kimiko finds in the Great Fox's Briefing Room and the other Falco claims to have appeared in his room), both written in Aparoid language. They all agree that Peppy and ROB would work on deciphering the notes, as well as keep an eye on their feathered friends while Fox, Krystal and Slippy hunt down Pigma through the Asteroid Field/Belt. They find Pigma's ship, and Pigma himself--except that now he was an Aparoid(and an ugly ass one at that!)! Of course, that's just the calm of the storm--Peppy and ROB had finished translating the notes and claimed that the others wouldn't believe what the letters said! "I think we're about to see for ourselves!" Sora responded nervously as he saw his sister and her savior drop to their knees in agony as they too appear to transform! After what seemed like an eternity, the crackling blackish purple energy surrounding them faded, and they stood back up. But something was terribly different--Falco's sky blue eyes were now blood red and Kimiko's sapphire eyes turned amethyst. The Space Ace(or at least who looked like him)had mechanical moth-like wings sprouting from his back. He also had grown some fangs and other razor sharp claws and keen fangs, which sent chills up Slippy's spine. The Kimiko-esque figure had mechanical butterfly wings, and her fingers had grown nails black as ebony. Before anyone could react, the female Aparoid controlling Kimiko's body spoke. "Leave me......" A battle ensued, but Aparoid Kimiko and Aparoid Falco made quick work of Aparoid Pigma, even retrieving the stolen Core Memory and oddly enough, they bring it back to Fox and company. Although they're uncertain about trusting these "rebelling Aparoids" at first, the mysterious bird-Aparoid couple reassured them that they come in peace. They prove so by reverting back to Falco and Kimiko. As hard as it was to believe, these lone Aparoids--Prince Shonen and his fiancée Xina--were actually seeking help to stop the Queen herself, the source of all Aparoid will. Apparently the Queen used to be a peace-lover, but one dark night, her husband was accidentally killed during an investigation. Devastated by this, the Prince's mother swore revenge, and from that point on all Aparoids living with her had changed from friendly, supporting creatures to mindless, bloodthirsty monsters/machines......all except for a select few hundred, including Xina and Shonen. They had barely escaped the Queen's wrath, but their troubles were only beginning. The royal couple had mistaken Oikonny and the Star Fox Team for reinforcements sent by the Aparoid Queen. Having sustained fatal injuries, Shonen and Xina reluctantly decided to go into hibernation using the closest body hosts they could find......which were Falco and Kimiko. From there they would let Fox and company continue with their jobs, biding time for the right opportunity. The rest is history. Now that they have a complete specimen of the Core Memory, they're ready to return to Corneria--but then Krystal senses a distress call from the Dinosaur Planet, Sauria. Shonen senses that call, too......In fact, he heard cries of agony! Corneria would have to wait, the dinosaurs were in desperate of assistance! After saving Sauria, the heroes finally get to Corneria, only to find it in ruins. The attack on Sauria was just a diversion! Enraged, Fox decides to head out and destroy the radar jammers. Kimiko volunteers to help with evacuating survivors to safety. Falco objects to this idea, but his lover(Kimiko)reminds him that they "can't take the risk of everyone get killed," Fox adding that if he doesn't make it back, then Falco can go next. Falco reluctantly agrees but only if he can at least keep an eye on Kimiko and make sure she doesn't get hurt. After the radar jammers are taken out, Fox begins to set out with his Arwing, but it gets destroyed before he can even get in it! Just as it looked like Game Over(see what I did there?)for the fearless leader, the Wolfen appeared--it was Star Wolf! Kimiko asked Lord O' Donnell what he was doing in Corneria City. "YOU'RE the one who dropped in unannounced," he simply said. "Besides, if anyone's gonna tan Fox's hide it's gonna be ME." "Riiiiiiight......" Panther replied. "Hmph." Leon had no comment. "Wolf......" "Wipe that stupid look off your mug! We ain't done yet!" And he couldn't be any more dead-on--General Pepper's flagship appeared flying right behind them, and the General himself was trapped! His body was betraying him; he had become an Aparoid! With a heavy heart, Fox fired away using his Plasma Cannon until the Boss's HP was reduced to zero. Meanwhile, Kimiko/Xina narrowly managed to escae a collapsing hotel and rescued a small group of children, who were then safely reunited with their parents. Before leaving the City(or rather what was left of it)Wolf gave Fox some advice: "Don't hesitate! When the time comes, just act!" Later that night, Kimiko had a really bad nightmare about the Aparoid/Corneria incident. She dreamed that her parents were killed by the Aparoids, along with everyone else she knew and loved. She awoke sobbing, but felt the warmth of Falco's embrace as he comforted her. The next morning, Slippy Toad's father Beltino makes the proud announcement that he had found the location of the Aparoids' Home World. The only problem is they still need to finish an anti-Aparoid device known as the self-destruct program, and Aparoids were warping in, targeting the Orbital Gate. "They aren't gonna make our trip to their Home World an easy one......" Peppy says. Fortunately Fox and his friends were able to fend off the Aparoids long enough for the program to be completed.(They also managed to make a clone of Falco and one of Kimiko for Shonen and Xina to move into, but that's another story.)Shonen told Fox and the others that when his mother(the Queen)was dead, he would take over and restore peace to his race to the best of his abilities. The Aparoid Home Planet invasion seems to go as planned......until a force field begins to surround the Planet. Peppy makes a desperate last-ditch effort crashing the Great Fox into the Aparoids' World and destroy the shield in an attempt to help the heroes, who reluctantly head to the core of the planet to finish business without their father figure. Eventually the Star Fox Team track down the Mother of Aparoids herself, the Queen, and deliver the self-destruct program. The Queen resists and tries to escape but the Star Fox crew pursuit and execute the program, finally ending the Queen's reign of terror once and for all. Destruction spread across the entire Planet; it was over for the Aparoids......well, the ones who served their Queen, anyway. The few hundred that were able to escape were free at last......But there was a huge amount of casualties. Peppy, Wolf's Team......When Slippy looked out the window of his Arwing, however......"AAAAAAHH!!"
"Slippy! What is it?" A blinking red light appearing out of nowhere, upon closer inspection......the Great Fox!? Peppy and ROB were alive!(Albeit taken one hell of a beating)Fox thanked all of his friends for everything as Shonen and Xina thanked them. It would take a while, but with the Aparoid Prince and his now wife Xina taking the old Queen's throne, they could finally rest easy knwing that peace had been restored to their lives, as well as the rest of the Lylat System. Although Krystal couldn't help but wonder and asked why Fox was so hesitant about letting her have some of the action in fighting the Aparoids(the bad ones), Fox fell silent. Upon returning home to Corneria, Peppy, Fox, Slippy and Falco told Krystal(and their friends Kimiko and Sora Swift)the tragic backstory of Fox's original loe life. He once had a girlfriend named Fara Phoenix. She was the best partner a squadron leader could ever ask for. She also reminded him of his dead mother, which only made his feelings for her stronger. Sadly, the two would be torn apart by a fatal accident. Fara shot Fox out of orbit just moments before an Asteroid came hurtling towards them. Fox was about to snap at Fara but before he could even think of anything to say, his annoyance quickly shifted to shock and horror as he saw the gigantic space rock getting closer to Fara, who only looked back at him one last time, saying that no matter what happens, she will always love him, seconds before it crushed her ship, killing her instantly. Fox cried her name out in bloodcurdling sorrow as he plummeted back to his home. "......And that's why I'm considering disbanding the Team," he said with a heavy heart. Krystal and Kimiko were at a loss for words. Needless to say their parting was......well, let's just say some tears were shed. The heroes all embraced each other for a final group hug before splitting up and about their own ways. Slippy would return to helping his dad with research and meet his girlfriend/fiancée Amanda Toad while Falco took Kimiko and Sora out to meet his old friends from his gang-related days(back when he was the Leader of the Hot Rodders). When they were alone, Fox bravely declared his newly revived love and prosed to Krystal, and he was very successful. The peace, however, would be short-lived as the Emperor Anglar would strike, threatening Corneria along with everything else in the Lylat System! This would bring the whole Team back to fight back once more! After defeating the Anglar race(with a little help from Star Wolf and the Hot Rodders)the Star Fox Team were handsomely rewarded and Fox McCloud's passion for his crew was rekindled again. And apparently Peppy Hare was promoted as the new Chief Commander of the Cornerian Army. FoxXKrystal, FalcoXKimiko, SlippyXAmanda, KoolXKatt, MouserXMiyu and BillXFay all get married(on separate dates, to avoid confusion, for one thingLOL......)and everyone they knew and cared about was invited, even the Star Wolf gang(Panther was sad that Fox was the one getting Krystal, but at the same time he was happy for them. Peppy Hare's daughter Lucy couldn't contain herself from crying. Even Wolf was weeping on the inside, though he obviously won't admit itLeon had no comments).

Epilogue: Fox and Krystal have a son whom they name Marcus McCloud. Falco and Kimiko's first son is dubbed after Fox's late father, James and the second child(another boy)was called Cloud. Their twin baby girls end up being known as Speedy and Melody.

PHEW!Please, please, PLEASE make this all happen

And this time, DON'T screw it upYou made Fox and Krystal break up in Star Fox Command(plus you never gave an official canon ending, just multiple alternate endings), and we know all what that resulted inAnd don't even get me started on Star Fox ZeroThe controls were horrible and frustratingly difficultSo please, don't ever make us players have to go through that kind of crap again......I really hope you'll consider taking all of this into thought. Sorry for such a long comment/letter, and thanks for taking all your time to listen/read through hereThis is Nin10dohgirl(one of you and Sega's biggest fans), signing off

P.S. I would've tried to keep Rareware if I were you, but that's just my opinion

P.S.S. As YukiTakashi mentioned, you have been acting awfully greedy lately......What happened to fair use?