NintendoPlatinum's  Gallery Quality Guidelines written down.
Please note that you dont have to fullfill all of the criteria, but over half of the important ones. (Our strictness in voting depends on the popularity of the series. The less fanart a series has, the more leniently we judge.)

a solid understanding of anatomy (!!):
the poses should look realistic and the proportions correct (style depending).
The less of the figure can be seen, the more impressive the rest of the aspects have to be.

a proper line quality (!):
Lines should appear sharp, unsketchy and lively. They can be constant in thickness if it fits the style.
If no lines appear, the overall sharpness of the piece will be judged here.

quality in shading technique (!!):
Should be contrasting and not smudgy.

your eyes for colors (!):
Base colour choices and shade colour choice -  they should create an atmosphere and fit together.

an interesting composition or angle:
The piece should look organized and not chaotic or random. An interesting or Angle in which the object(s) is/are portrayed.

a well developed background:
Adds alot to Fanart if well done, doesnt it? check for sharpness and atmosphere.

add your style and view to the artwork:
If the overall style is unique and differs from the official art of the character in proportions shading technique etc., but still make it recognizable, it impresses us  alot.

minor aspects that can lead to a decline:
•  too out-of-character or unrecognizable characters
•  avoid disturbingly big watermarks
•  don't send in sketches: This group is for finished art. So sketches and non-colored lines are not welcome in most cases
•  we wont accept single Chibi/SD on plain Background
• please no Original Characters (exceptions can be made when they are not main focus of the image)
• NSFW content may lead to decline, nudity in itself is fine, but post SFW version for more "questionable" content.
• content that violates DeviantArts own terms of service will be declined.</sub>

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