Cosplay is now open to be send in by any member. You can as well become member by being a cosplayer!
Please note that this group still focuses on drawn and painted art, so the guidelines for cosplay are quite strict.

They have to
1) be sewed well from fitting material
2) have a high resemblance to the fictional figure
3) have fine photo quality (photoshopping allowed) and a fitting setting/background
4) We focus as much on the presentation of your cosplay as the craftmanship itself. Acting and the artistic value of the photo are equally important to the cosplay itself.

Sculptures can also be sent in now! Here are the guidelines:
1) They have to have a VERY high quality, regardless of their size.
2) No Chibi or overly simplified sculptures
3) They have to be presented fittingly (high qualtiy photo, fitting background, good lighting)

concerning other craft we are sorry to tell that:
Only parts of cosplay or their accessories are not welcome, nor work-in-progress shots.
We also don't feature fan-music (we can feature the artist with a blog entry however).
Crafts that involve official Nintendo merch such as Amiibos are not accepted.

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